Punt coverage and No Yards penalties

Anyone else frustrated with the number of 'No Yards' penalties we are taking? I know some have a philosophy of not worrying about taking that penalty, willing to concede 15 yards in place of a big return but the field position the Riders are losing to NY is ridiculous. Don't change the rule, change the attitude. A coaching/playing philosophy needs to change.

No yards is just one of those penalties that is difficult to avoid. You have to run full speed down the field and then suddenly the ball drops in from above almost always unsighted. If you see the returner move up under the ball and you put the brakes on to give the halo, you're flatflooted when he takes off and you get beat. It's kind of a catch-22.

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Or in this case, a Catch +15 for the return team.

Some times Ryan booms it and others not so much. Seems like they only have one gear though...