Punk Dinwiddie to get his front teeth removed

Bombers QB Ryan Dinwiddie is bloody tired of being forcibly reamed by opposing defenses. So much so, Ryan has decided to give his raw keester a rest and give oral gratification a try.

Being skull-fukkd isn't Dinwiddie's idea of a good time, but at least it will save Ryan's moneymaker some wear and tear. That seems to be the thinking of Head Coach Doug Berry, who plays his favourite pillow-biter instead of using last season's 5000 yard passer Kevin Glenn.

Currently Coach Berry has the Bombers in the CFL dungeon with a record of 1 win and 6 losses.

spidey what do you have against the kid. ya he isn;t the starter but really what has glenn done this year? not much more.

last time i checked our win was because ryan plaed wih heart and took his chances. ya it was only game. but he played with heart because he had nothing to lose.

rigt now that is this entire team. glenns been flatter then ever, ryan had become conservative, our top d-line can;t even bring down cavillo. really i don;t give a fiddlers who they put in now. but they just gotta risk it, put the ball deep and play like their is nothing to lose. we are 1-6 so what if you flunk out and lose the next game its not anything different from the rest of the season.