punching prefontain on the sidelines...

noel prefontain got punched on the sidelines after a playby his own teamate(robert baker..i think)...do you think this was a fair team penalty or should he have got more...also shouldve prefontain been punished by the team for taunting him on...thanks guys...my first post bear with me.

......glad to have you aboard db.......a fair team penalty no doubt, for baker, any other coach in the CFL would have sent his a$$ packing..........no penalty for Noel because he is a defacto team captain and he is doing his job, admonishing a unruly team-mate.........was his tirade well-timed? no.......was he elequent in his verbal lashing? nah......did he deserve a punch to the jaw, no, but he probably could have handled it differently and was probably told so by pinball sometime after the game.........

Yea thanks man for the reply i appreciate it.

ok, since you are an admitted newby I'll forego the wisecracks about the timeliness about this subject. I don't know why Pinball suspended his receiver for even one game. If he was a better receiver than the backup, why lessen your chances to win the next game? In effect he was punishing the team for the actions of one (make that two). Makes no sense to me.

As for Prefontaine, I think he showed extremely poor judgement in climbing all over Baker. It was neither the time nor the place since Baker was coming off the field on his own and there was no urgency to the matter at that time. To me it seemed like Prefontaine must have had previous issues with Baker and was using this instance to "puff himself up" and pile on.

I think a suitable punishment for Prefontaine would be to be traded to Saskatchewan. :slight_smile:

and also Baker should go to the BOMBERS…he’s got one helluva’ left hook… :lol:

It makes no sense that he punishes the team for the actions of one? Thats a TEAM! If one player messes up, the whole team suffers, that's the way it is in all sports, major or minor. there is no one person, there is only one group of guys, or gals, working together for one common goal. I was tought this from the start of football at age 6 , and now im 19, and on my 5 head coach, and the message will and always will stay the same.

I dont agree with you Bogart, as least about the punishing the entire team aspect. A good coach will dicipline his players no mattter how good a player they are because no-one is above the team.

When would you draw the line? After you catch for 1000 yards you can do and act however you want but before that you are eligable for fines and suspentions?

No, I am saying that if he isn't good for the team, cut him altogether. What does one game mean? He still gets his paycheck. The only thing is that the team gets weaker for one game. What kind of message is that? You screw up, you get a paid holiday?

Oh O.K Isee what you mean but I think suspensions are unpaid not that one game would make all that much difference

Well, if its a suspension without pay, then that has some merit. I don't know why I didn't realise that in the first place :oops: