Pumpkins vs. Two Colours

Go pumpkins!

Jennings looking sharp so far. 4 first downs on this drive.

Yell's desperation grab prevents Ellingson 60 yd TD. But two 25 yd. grabs by him anyway,

Crickets chirping loudly here tonite.

Just realised that there's a thread here for the game. Cheering for the orange cats of course. So far more of a defensive battle and a score that resembles a baseball game rather than a football game. Missed part of the opening but assume BC's points came off an unconverted TD!

And Shaquille Johnson just scored another major but the 2 pointer failed. WAY TO GO LEOS!!

I'm away for the half but I shall return!

Things are looking good for our Cats. Just imagine if last week had gone another way.

BC well in control...but just coughed up the ball in their own end.

Ok I will.

Argos would be at 6 and 9. Cats would be at 5 and 9, with a game in hand and the season series. First place within reach without relying on any help from others.


Thanks, that was fun.

Yeesh. 3 unanswered Ottawa TDs, now have 1 point lead.

Please, please, please Pumpkins…

Oh no… Ottawa moving again!

C'mon BC stop laying a egg here and get yourselves back in the game!!
Not only do the OTRBs have a one point lead but Harris just tossed a bomb more than half the length of the field at least to Spencer and after the YAC they're poised to score again. Looks like the D qnt to sleep here! >:( >:( Kept them to a FG - better than a TD but JJ has to get the offense moving again.

Maybe if you stop calling them pumpkins they'll stop acting like them?? :wink: :smiley: ;D ;D

BC has folded faster than Superman on laundry day!

Kim Murphy and the field crew...look like they are related to Jake Ireland.

Yup needed to hold them at 2nd and 7 but didn't and are letting Powell run wilder than Wilder! UGH!!

OK..BC will have time to go for a touchdown and win the game.

Problem is BC's defense is looking like Hamilton's used to look - playing too soft and too far off the receivers. Not much more than a minute remaining and they can't get a stop - until now and they're pinned deep in their own end!

First down on the 36...26 sec to go..