Pumped in NOISE!!

Eh, how does the Wally (the Loins) get away with playing music over the public address sys after the play is whistled in! I swear over half the time they stopped the music when there was 10 seconds left on the play clock. And the latter in the game it just got louder. I almost ran on the field to throw a flag, myself!!!

What is the rule on this?

You have to stop the artificial noise when the visiting team breaks the huddle

Lot a time they were still playing it when there was no HUDDLE and on the line , with the clock counting down.

BC has the music SO loud no wonder no one wants to go to the games.
You cant even talk to the person besideyou between plays.

Terrible game day experience. Better to stayhome and watch on TSN…

And TSN thinks it was the fans that were LOUD. It wasn’t , it was the Pumped in Noise

I was at the game and it was loud. It was so loud it sounded like the speakers had blown. I don’t mind the music being pumped loud if the system can handle it - it was the non music that was the worst ( sound effects ). Best way to describe it is the same short term deafness you get at a concert. When they stop with the sound effects you have a 10sec or so period where your hearing is impacted by the initial noise

Didn’t really impact the game at all -just annoying. Especially the cracked speaker sound.

Just couldn’t help putting my 2cents or less in…
It’s a football game, not a fussin concert. Fan noise is what you want, Fan noise!
Go Riders Go

Edmonton’s Commonwealth Center is the same…one of the reasons why i let my season tickets go a couple of years ago, they had a band that was so bad and so loud people on the concourse were covering their ears…there is no break from the noise (they call it music) from the sound system and if it isn’t the music , its that Chris Sheets is yelling at people to make noise or he has some game going on…terrible experience!!! I still go but maybe for a couple of games is all i can stand…the Esks even had a survey after the season… and i put it in my comments, but of course, i am sure i am in the minority, so same old, same old…

Really? Is this what occupies your time/thoughts??

Yeesh. ::slight_smile: