Pump Fake.....do we have it in our playbook?

The pump fake has been a weapon that Hamilton QB's have used with great success for years....Danny Mac used it and Mike Kerrigan was a master of it if memory serves...

..I never seem to see it much anymore in the Ticats playbook and it's a shame because it's a great tool to freeze the coverage and spring a guy loose on a post pattern...Brock Ralph would be the perfect target downfield for this play because he only needs a step to bust loose...


Its not a Hamilton specific maneuver lol
Most QBs use it..alot
it shouldnt be in the playbook regardless.
Its like a spin or a juke or a stiff arm. Maas does need to do it however

I always thought it was a designed play.....shows how much I know eh?.... :wink:

I'm pretty sure sometimes it is a designed play...but not a playbook play...like maybe the coach will tell the QB, look lets throw a pump fake left , freeze the guy and throw right...but yes I think Maas and our other QBs need to develope when to use it in games because it is a valuable tool neccessary for All QB's

thanks.......that makes sense... 8)

......and I agree that's it's a cool play....

yeah we have it there, there is about 3 plays with that in it

It was used many times last game.

It is a designed play.

The receiver is to go down field and fake a short route (ie, a hook). The QB pumps as if to throw the short pass, hoping the DB will bite and commit himself to make a play.

As the DB commits to covering the short pass, the receiver takes off deep with (again hopefully) the DB caught flat-footed or moving in the wrong/opposite direction... "vacuumed" in (that certain word still censored???) by the "pump fake"

IMO, what both QB's need to develop is to look off the intended/initial receiver. Both have a tendency (especially Chang) to look immediately at the primary receiver, tipping off the defense as to where the ball is going.

I don't know if it's too late to learn or develop the skill at this stage, even though Chang is still a relative rookie.

IIRC, Matt Dunigan was excellent at throwing defenders off by the occasional mis-direction/look-off.

Obviously you can't do it all the time or the defense will know not to bite on the initial "look-off" :slight_smile: