Pulling QB Smith today

.. we lost all momentum and the game in that one move,, Thats either on Chappy or Chamblin.. was a crap call.. and then bring in Tino,, plus leave him sack after sack.. last straw.. What do you think ? I say thats it :thdn:

Amen brother

Smith didn’t deserve to get pulled. He was playing reasonably well, especially considering that he wasn’t being given any running plays. I don’t understand why the run game was abandoned when we have good running statistics. It’s got to be hard on a quarterback to be passing every play. The game deteriorated without Smith. I think a coach should have been pulled instead of the quarterback.
I very much dislike going for the 2 point convert when it’s not a desperate situation near the end of the game. I think the offence deserves to be rewarded with the usually guaranteed single point.

The run was largely abandoned early because they were down 14...and passing was working. Then Clark went down. Then 2 other OL guys could barely walk...to the point Connop was preparing to come in if absolutely needed...no way they were getting run blocking done

its a dangerous game that the coaching staff makes by only having 1 backup O-lineman ? and they got bitten by it yesterday.
the D-line has 3 backups ?
couldn't they get someone to do the long snapping and backup on the O-line as Hus is undersized to be a backup O-lineman at 6'1' - 230 lbs

You forget CC is all about D not O... why carry spares, don't you know games are won by Def. LOL

In fairness the club has used 1 OL backup for most games for a long time, and many teams do the same thing