Pull the Trigger Bob Young

Mr. Young with all respect for all the money you have generously supported our team.Comes a time when you have to step in and say enough with The Jason Maas experiment, it was disaster of a trade 5 wins and 21 losses is more than enough proof.Whatever was suppose to happen with jason Maas has not happened and trying to make us fans BELIEVE that he was not DAMAGED goods from Edmonton is over.Blaming everyone esle and changing everyone around him has made it even clearer...Somehow l believe that Coach Taafe was told when he was hired that he had to play Maas no matter what or for a certain number of losses before he gave up on Maas,because there is no explanation for him to continually play him and not rotate Chang in any games when our record is 1 and 7.Mr. Young our season and your generous goodwill is evaporating because of a stubborness to prove to everyone that Jason maas was not a failure in Hamilton!!!!!!!!!

Well before the game he posted on a thread where members were lambasting Maas, and defended him in a way by praising his determination to play while injured when it was asked of him. So it really sounds as though he still behind Maas. Whether you want to go so far as believe that there is a relationship between this and the fact that Maas continues to play is up to you. Trust me, though, whatever the case is, I don't think that he or anyone else who makes the decisions pays much attention to what people here think about the QB situation. Although it is interesting to note that some of those who just a few weeks ago were rabid Chang-haters now want him to start. The situation has become that desperate, I suppose.