Puddy-Cats @ Halloween Lions

Nod-Off Rod (Black) on the stick (as per usual) but he's under severe pressure from Matt Dunigan on color. Mattster doesn't take the crap Duane "Dully" Forde takes so he's forced to pick up his game.

fwiw - its obvious Dunigan thinks Black is pure trash but thru contractual obligation he's forced to sell out and work with a rodawful broadcaster. . . . .

I think there is already a thread, LBS. :slight_smile:

Man is BC Place ever empty.
The WhiteCaps only sell 20k tickets out of the 27k the lower bowl holds, yet they sold alot more tickets than the Lions.
The Lions are drawing under 15k ( actual bums in seats) this season.

I was wondering when you would say something. :wink:

Sounds like about 22,000

Anyways BC lobbying to change Collaros first name to Snack!

Spoiler flag dropped by an anonymous official on an inconsequential block!

:lol: That's a shame. :lol:

Wonder if Tommy Dreamer (K. Austin) will put Masoli in if Collaros continues to be snacked on.

That guy deserved the penalty on the return. It was just a dumb idea. The kicker was not going to stop Rainey.


Matt should say something about whether Zack has come down with DWD - aka Drew Willy's Disease - a version of Post-Traumatic Stress!

Oh yeah!!!! :thup: ZC threw the perfect pass to trigger that interference call. :wink:

Wally Buono sure can produce QB's. :thdn:

B.C. sure is good. Too good for the Ticats. Wow. :thdn:

This is one of those stupid challenges that the league needs to get rid of. Jennings was running for his life and had no chance at all to complete a pass even if someone was open, and Wally is challenging illegal contact.

Should have been a pick six, the turf gremlins get him.

Yup. Now we won't get a TD.

Edit : Happy to be wrong!!!

Did a Frasier Quiz while watching the game. Got 32 out of 35 Questions right. :thup:

That's Jennings for you. He makes some excellent throws, and then some really poor one's. He's a young Henry Burris. Hopefully he can move past the mistakes.

Are we going to have a game here now? Hamilton driving trying to cut the lead to 1 score.