Pucker up, Witchipoos! Playoff Edition, Vol. 1


A character game by the men of the black and gold. They showed poise, determination and just how much they wanted to win this game.

And exciting!!! During the pregame and at half time, I found myself pacing and doing whatever I could to make the time go by faster. Hours after the game, my heart was still pounding.

The big players played big and how about those rookie receivers that some suggested wouldn't be able to get it done....THEY DID!!!!

Kevin Glenn and Marcel....job well done!!!!

Mosquitoville.....you're next!!!!

:lol: :lol:

Here`s a G&M video in which coach Trestman gives kudos to both Glenn and Porter.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/video/video-ticats-revel-in-win-over-alouettes/article2235437/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/v ... le2235437/[/url]

You heard correctly, Sara definitely said that.

If it’s true, our defence improves vastly over the course of a week. A struggling secondary would get it’s best player back and you have to think that Baggs would play out of his mind.

Well that's what I was saying. think about that.... :wink:

Yeah, instead - let's b*tch and moan about the bitchers and moaners. :wink:

Well, I'll be the first to man up a say Porter did a good job and showed progress this game. Specifically I liked that he stayed in the pocket and stayed calm during the first pass he was in for Glenn.

After such a


game any team might suffer an emotional let down. It is even more likely in a young team like the Cats.


is the time for the veteran leadership (Deuces, Sticky, Glenn, Johnson, Knowlton, etc.) on this team to show how to act by example and to psyche the younger players into not letting up. The time is now.

Never surrender.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Porter did well when he was in. He looked like a veteran out there on the TD drive when he took Glenn's place. He also threw that TD pass to Stala earlier in the game.

And as was pointed out, the offensive line did well enough to keep our QBs from getting sacked even once.

The D may not get as much praise with all the points that they give up. But they were up against Calvillo and Richardson and were were a few of their better players.

The Big O could have been called the Big OK Corral as what happened there was a shootout. There may have been some things that need to be corrected, but I'm still enjoying the biggest, most entertaining, and most important Ticat wins in a long time.

Okay everybody, repeat after me...

"Marcel Bellefeuille is a good coach. Marcel Bellefeuille knows what he is doing."

In fact the motto for this team should be "It's all part of the plan." :slight_smile:

Being a mad scientist myself :wink: I've always had certain appreciation for "experiments"... :smiley:

In all seriousness though, depending on how the rest of the playoffs go, we may be seeing the birth of a whole new coaching paradigm. We might look back at all the coaching decisions that were made and realize that as counter-intuitive as they were, they were in fact strokes of genius...

I'm sure I must be quoting someone famous, but for the life of me I don't know who it is when I say:

"One man's madness is another man's genius". Things look good for Crazy Old Marcel. I hope the wagons he has hitched up carry us all of the way to BC Place, where the Cats won their last two Grey Cups.