Public service provided entertainment (CFL)

Would you be in favor of your tax dollars paying to keep the CFL afloat, in the same way your money goes to police and fire department services protection?

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Only if it’s an all Canadian league and the government owns the team. Seeing Trudeau as a running back in his younger years would have been a bonus.

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Just think, they would all be federal government employees which would set them up for a lifetime pension ? I’m sure the players would like that.

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absolutely not.

just like I do not like public funding of the arts.

Way more important things for govt to spend money on

They might be able to make some money because taxes wouldn’t be a factor. For example if a municipal government owned a team and they also owned the team they wouldn’t care about the stadium lease.

If a federal or provincial government owned the team they wouldn’t have to “cook the books” to hide income.

yeah, but if they would be losing the money they would have made if they just owned the stadium for all the teams games. So the team side saves money and the stadium side loses money. How many taxpayer owned stadiums in Canada make money?

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Solid point

I'm with you there, FYB, 100%

I think some people are really buying into the whole "CFL teams lose 10-20 million" nonsense Ambrose was peddling.

There are pockets of this league where owners are having struggles but every sports league will always have that issue. (Maybe with the exception of the NFL).

Solid ownership with solid business accumen will work in 90% of the markets 90% of the time.


It sounds about right. 10 to 20 million is 1 or 2 million per team. That is average, which means that Sask and Winnipeg are still probably profiting, Hamilton Calgary Ottawa maybe breaking even and the others losing especially Vancouver Toronto. Those are your pockets.

Think about it. A CFL team costs about 12 million dollars to operate. Before covid, a team like Sask brought in about 17 million (their books are public), a team like BC we could guess 10 million? On average, teams broke even. With huge attendance hits due to covid restrictions and general covid scare, each team taking a 1 to 2 million dollar hit sounds about right.

Now, do I think that the CFL should be propped up by tax dollars? No. Do I think that Trudeau should have given an interest free loan a couple years back to help out some distinct Canadian culture? Yes. But he doesn't care and we can't count on that guy. So, if I may quote Pedro Cerrano from the movie major league: "Fock you Jobu, we do eet ourself!"

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This was ambrosies statements based on 2019.
Sorry, not buying it.

Hard time agreeing with the Government owning a team. There would be too much interference and too many extra rules and policies attached to it.
A marketing agreement? Doesn't the CFL or at one time, get sponsorship money for having the Maple Leaf on the back of the helmets?

I don't mind Gov't loans for the league or stadiums, as long as it is an actual loan, and its expected to be paid back. The loan has to be reasonable though, what Ambrose asked for was way too high, and without much supporting information.

I think CFL teams need $20-30 million to operate. The 2016 Blue Bomers report, for example, lists their operating expenses at $24,205,000 and 2015 at $23,900,000. Operating revenues were a few million above those numbers.

IIRC, Saskatchewan's revenues are upwards of $40 million.

Perhaps their expenses were that high because they had the money to spend. I'm sure the Roughriders serve caviar and the Alouettes serve hotdogs. That kind of thing.

No. Our police and fire departments are chronically underfunded and over burdened by unreasonable demands foisted upon them by bureaucrats. It wouldn't be long before CFL rosters would have to create a sub heading under One Game and Six Game injury lists called Stress Leave.

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I'm pretty sure that caviar doesn't grow on the prairies. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What? Have you NEVER planted salmon before?!!


Agreed. Not to mention health care providers, probably at the top of any underfunded and overburdened list these days. Football is a game, not an essential service. My suggestion is that the religious organizations that have pocketed billions as a result of their tax free status fund the CFL.


Would we get to become the 'Holy Bombers' and scare the pants off Americans?


Considering the CFL got some form of a season off the ground without any government specific funding and are less than 4 months away from kick off without losing any teams or owners bailing during Covid (so far knock on wood), actually gaining investors, I think question is kind of moot now.