Public or Private

The CBC lock out got me thinking about our ownership situation here in Winnipeg. Would the team be better off being privately owned as opposed to community owned. With the right private ownership, the team would be run like a business and would have to be profitable so would that mean buying a winner so the fans turn out in droves…I would think so…however being community owned does give you a stable franchise even though you may not win as much…what do you guys think, private or public owned…

we have won Grey Cups under public ownership....and have built a solid franchise in the Peg. BUT.........I think in todays market...and business schemes of today I think there is definitely a place and an argument for private ownership could have a lot of advantages....while we think a salary cap is the answer to our type of franchise..( at least some people think so)...I find it hard to believe it will ever be adhered strictly enough to ever create an even playing field....sooooo maybe it's time to bring in a David Asper with the cash to compete....we sure know where his heart is with this team....and I'm sure with the business success his family has had the Bombers would follow and be as successful....we would certainly be able to compete for available talent.....however if it were to be an outside the city of WPG. ownership situation.... :!: I would not be as supportive....just my view.... :!:

Each side of the coin has its own advantages and disadvantages.

With private ownership, the money comes from one source and the owner can basically shell out as much cash as he/she wants to (since the salary cap is basically nonexistant).

However, with public ownership, there are many more ways to make money for the team. With public you can run fundraisers for the team. There are a bunch of things that the Bombers do for fundraisers.

But it doesn't make you a better team with either. Sure the option of spending more is there for a privately owned team, but for the most part, it doesn't make much difference.

keep the team owned by the public, like Green Bay, a private owned team wouldn't suvire in Winnipeg's market otherwise.