Public Apology

I made a a topic or 2 in the last little while in which i was acting like a total idiot and used language that is completely unaaceptable to be used anywhere. I would like to apologise to everyone and anyone who may have beem offended by my comments. My actions have set a bad example for the younger posters on this site and i would to apologise for that and to them. I have painted a bad image for the entire Rider nation by acting completly classless and i would like to also apologize to the rider fans on this site. This is not who i am i was very frustrated and acted like a fool which is not the right thing to do at all. I wish that none of you think of me in a negative context, I hope none of you do, but i don't blame you if you do. I am very sorry for my actions it will never happen again and i hope that this hasent hung a label on me. I am truly sorry for what i said, and fully wish to take my words back and request that my idiodic thread be deleted from this site. i hope i can be forgiven for my dumb actions

Thank you,

It is very impressive that you take responsibility for your actions like you have. I can't speak for the whole membership but, for my part, I accept your apology without condition. Look forward to good, rational football posts from you for years to come!! :thup: :smiley: :thup:

Thank you


Thank you as well

That's a huge step for you Gcup89. I know all about about comments going sideways from the darkside. I get 80% of nonsense in my head all the time, it's the 20% stuff which is positive thoughts. (That's my way of thinking anyway) We all love our football and take things to heart. All in all, I look forward to future posts from you and others as we comment about our teams. :smiley:

Thanks and congrats on the win yesterday

I saw the thread where you went off the ref- if you had kept the slurs out of the post, it could have warranted some good discussion. You apologized for you actions, and that speaks to your character. I have been in the same place you are now, you are a good poster :thup: , and many, including myself, respect your opinions. We all have our bad days-- its recognizing the mistake and learning from it that will make you a better person and poster.


Thank you to the both of you

At least mikeyboy isn't here to nip at your heels like he always did to me... :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hahahahaha ya i remember him :lol: