PTJFD ?? New disorder

I have noticed a lot of people still very much upset about the trade of Johnny Football and it seems like a post traumatic issue based on my studies in psychology and doctors will be diagnosing this as

PTJFD - Post

I can see this as a new thing. Hundreds in Hamilton and surrounding area will be diagnosed with this soon.

I haven't noticed that many. I think most had realistic expectations about Johnny.

But then again when people keep dwelling on something and feeling negative towards it it does come down to post traumatic johnny football disorder because the issue has passed and the person has moved on to Montreal and people are still traumatized about it and still talking about it with all this negativity.

The cure?

A winning record.

All franchises will agree that Doctor McGillicuddy's patent-proof hair, health & wellness tonic cures what ails you.

Exactly hahaha

A lose to the ALS and Manzeil should solve the problem. HEE.HEE.

No because if we lose to the ALS everyone will still be upset we traded him away. Now if we beat the ALS with Manziel playing and Masoli plays then everyone will conquer there PTJFD syndrome. HEE.HEE


Nah....I think maybe 5 or 6.

5 or 6 ? Gee , ya really think it's that high ? ;D

Speaking for myself I have no worries about having this alphabet Johnny disorder . If anything I'm the complete opposite . Since the trade I've been walking around with a big grin on my face and shaking my head and chuckling at all the lemmings who are so distraught over us fleecing the Alouettes by trading Johnny Bench to them . 8) 8)

The disorder will flare up when Masoli throws for 400yds and one TD !

If a guy throws for 400 yards and only one touchdown, I would guess there is more wrong than just the QB.

I also speak for myself when I say, stop trying to make "fetch" happen. It's not going to happen Gretchen.

Vernon Adams has PTJFD for sure ,VA was released here , Als bring in JF .... VA has it for sure and understandably so!

Quote from Hall of Famer Grover:

"Alouettes quarterback Vernon Adams Jr in locker room post game with Johnny Manziel changing in stall right beside him “I am not talking anything about Johnny Manziel? in a very serious voice"...

I note during my visit to the TiCat store yesterday more money seemed to be going out than in. I had to line up to return the shirts i had purchased pre trade. Its not so much the trade the gets me but all the hoop la around the signing. I had seriously considered becoming a ST holder again. But with dishonest mgmt I vote with my wallet.

I've said it before, very few people are all JM or all JF. I think the vast majority take a wait and see attitude and look for results. The jury is still out on Orlando's return and his effect on defense.

If the signing and subsequent benching of JFF made you "seriously consider becoming a ST holder again", but not the team itself, then enjoy sitting on the couch.

Damned spoiled fans. Mr Young, sorry you have to read this crap.

continue to be a lemming...

OMG I Got PTJFD !!! I hear the cure is at the bottom of this hole . ;D

Well speaking of Orlando....he is the assistant head coach and Jerry Glanville has been working the defence. I actually would like to see Orlondo Steinauer take more of the defensive coordinator role with this team then Glanville. I dont mind him but I think Orlando would be more creative.

The team management needs to hear from all fans - especially the ones that are potential fans or returning fans - ie potential customers. I'm sure there are others with the same disappointment as Formerly Turkish.
Really, I only cares about two things, fans in the stands and winning, hoping to attract more fans.
I don't believe we achieve these goals with covering up questionable moves by the team.
But winning consistently will cure most issues.