Ptaszek leaving the TiCats, the CFL, the city, and the province

Good for Ptaszek, sounds like the perfect opportunity for him!
UBC under Blake Nil has made great strides and The consortium looking to buy the BC Lions has some UBC alumni in their group, It could pay dividends in the long run

I was hoping that Coach P would return to McMaster as head coach but family comes first . The Mac program hasn't been the same since he left . The football and basketball teams do miss Coaches Ptaszek and Raso .

Pat Lynch (the old Mac alum)

Re the QB "controversy" this year and comparisons due to the success (or not) between Collaros and Masoli, I found the statement from Ptaszek comparing coaching and offensive philosophies between Coaches Austin and Jones quite interesting.

"June was such a huge protection guy and I learned a ton from and I never thought this before, but as an offensive coordinator your first job is to protect your quarterback and then go from there. When you start to build a game plan, that's where you start..."

I'm sure Collaros would have liked that "protection" and perhaps he would have had more success under Jone's philosophy.

I think Jones, with his many years of experience, has some very clear and trusted philosophies, like that, which have proven to be true, to him, more often than not. Another, which I liked and wrote down when I heard him state it, earlier this year: "You have to have good quarterbacks, O-linemen, D-linemen and corners. Everything else you can find."

After, his experience up here grows, I expect he'll be adding "Canadians" to his list of "have-to-haves" in the CFL.

He didn't though... two and out... 'nuff said. See ya Zach.

And in the CFL he will learn inside DBs are probably more important than corners.

I liked the fact that Ptaszek gave accolades to both Head Coaches

Then an opportunity with the hometown CFL team came about and Ptaszek took the offensive coordinator position with Hamilton. He learned under two former CFL quarterbacks and offensive minds in Kent Austin and June Jones.
“Two brilliant guys that I got to work with and they were so different,? Ptaszek. “Kent’s offences and ways to break down defences were as layered and as cool as you’d ever see and there was a brilliance to it all. With June, there was a simple brilliance to it and the rules, it’s not complicated even a little bit. There are pieces that all football players can execute, the rules actually aren’t that hard and once they’re implemented right it’s really tough to defend.?

definitely shaking hands and kissing babies on the way out. Coach P is staying classy. I am sure he has a lot of things he is keeping to himself that would blow our minds.