Psst... look over there...

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Keep us posted :stuck_out_tongue:

a sticky..which turns out to be a link to the off topic section. kinda self serving isnt it?

Yes, very.

"It's good being king." - Mel Brooks, History of the World Part I

That said, I'm keeping the details in the off-topic thread... which I'm about to update. :wink:

Kudos to Harwood for having the guts most of us wouldn't have (me for sure) for puttin' it out there like that......I'd be wetting my pants if I tried that.....


(those judges are a hard sell...they'd chew me to shreads for sure)...sheesh! :roll: :cowboy:

I'll unsticky this and thank everyone for their support - if you'd like to help me further and vote for me - the url is:

I heard you Ron . It was a good effort . You have a lot more courage than I would have had .

Courage had little to do with it. Really, I did it for the experience. I'll savour that as I doubt I'll get another chance soon. :slight_smile:

My problem was that I'm used to speaking in front of groups of techies... and this was new and different in many ways. :wink:

Ah well. It was cool.

I'm not FALLING for it AGAIN :roll:

Falling for what?

Email from CHML:

Hey Week 4 Contestants!

A reminder that voting for Week #4 ends tonight at MIDNIGHT. The person with the most votes online moves onto the final round, so make sure you get everyone you know to visit to vote for YOU! (Don’t forget to vote for yourself...hehehe...)

The winner will be announced at the top of Friday’s Talk Show Idol show – 1:00pm LIVE on AM900 CHML!

Please and thanks people! :smiley:

I've heard unofficially that I am going on to the next round and that I got 43% of the vote!

I want to thank all of you for your tremendous support and I'll try not to disappoint you all in the next round. promised, I plan on talking about the ticats... and we'll see who I can get as my special guest. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

That's great!! Congrats. Keep us posted on your progress.

Good stuff Ron!..happy to hear that news :thup:

If you’re going to talk Ticats, I think it would be great if you told some fun ‘behind-the-scenes’ stories of what it was like in “year one” when there was no manual, everyone was flying by the seat of their pants and under incredibly short deadlines…and failure wasn’t an option…


Well there’s one idea anyhow…

Good Luck Ron!..take deep breaths and have a blast!’ll do just fine!

mike :cowboy: