Look for a domino affect across the CFL
once the suits start shuffling the decks

November 23, 2007
Steve Milton
The Hamilton Spectator
TORONTO (Nov 23, 2007)

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IMHO, reading between the lines...

Obie is the Tiger Cat G.M.

Dave Ritchie the Head Coach

Jim Popp stays as G.M in Montreal

Tom Higgins becomes Head Coach.

Rich Stubler becomes the G.M.
and Head Coach in Toronto

Greg Mohns stays as Assistant G.M
and Director of Player Personnel


Anybody want to try to put together
the O.C. and D.C. jig saw pieces?

I hope Taaffe is Head coach Ron

Dave Ritchie wants to leave B.C. and retire in Pennsylvania
or take one more crack as a Head Coach in the CFL again.

Obie works with him now and knows him well
and probably is highly respectful of
Dave's long and varied career in the CFL.

Charlie's CFL experiences are a lot more limited, ONknight.


He might name Charlie as Associate Head Coach
and keep Charlie as his Offensive Co-ordinator

Hey, he might even lure Less Browne into
signing up as his defensive backs coach
or hire hin as his co-defensive co-ordinator.

I don't think Charlie would take Kindly to Demotion. When He go to a US Collage as a OC or maybe head coach.

I don't think you'll see Stubler be both GM and coach in Toronto. Head coach probably but not GM. I don't think Adam Rita's going anywhere, unless they fire him. Your other predictions could happen.

We need a younger head coach who can inject some fire and grow with this team.

You can bet your last dollar the Cats are NOT looking for that "new bright coaching candidate"
Grizzled old successful veterans need only apply.

I am ALL over bringing in experienced proven CFL coaches at every level.
The Cats have run out of straws, and need a proven home run across the board!!!

blackandgold: It worked for Winnipeg with Doug Berry. Not sure if there are any of those types around anymore though.
How about:

  • Wally as Coach and GM?
  • Brendan Taman as GM and Greg Marshall (the other) as head coach?
    6 days to go before the deadline. Thank goodness...I'm running out of combinations.

Mike Riley as GM,Charlie remains HC.

I was never one to overly critcize Charlie during the season, but on second thoughts........

  1. Moving Tay Cody from HB to safety was not a good move; putting a round peg in a square hole; the guy's a star at HB, keep him there.

  2. QB evaluations. Work with me on this one. Cats had 5 QBs in camp; King and Butler get released so the three QBs are Maas, Chang, and Williams, and they are ranked in that order. All three got quality playing time during the season. Which one performed better? Easily, Williams. Yet he was ranked 3rd coming out of camp.

Makes me wonder if Charlie is just not a good enough judge of talent..........

I think if we got Obie as GM and Richie as head coach, it would be a great improvement.

Winnipeg made Herbert a pretty good safty

Absolutely - there's no more time for taking chances and growing with guys.

An organization with a solid structure in place and a history of winning can afford to take a few chances on the management team. The Cats have neither and have to go for as close to a sure thing as is available.