PS2 Vs Calgary

For those not able to watch...though I hear it is being streamed...

First half:

First and foremost...very happy to see a mammoth decrease in was very encouraging and a lot better than anticipated. It seemed like the vast majority came on STs

JC called a way more vertical game than I expected, especially to start. I know he is pass heavy, but he showed he also wants to stretch the D out to open stuff underneath. He has not always been great at that historically.

Dust off your Getzlaff jersey, he is going to have a big year. I saw one that he probably should have had, but I wouldn't qualify it as a drop. He has been open down field...A LOT

2 back sets...nice to see some mixed in...seems Demski might get some touches back there to keep Ds guessing a bit. I like it.

LBs...Knox seems to have leapfrogged on the depth chart. After meeting and really seeing him I think understand why. Big man who has lots of speed for his size...this is a guy who can rotate into the middle...that is massive. He also seemed to toll in an shadow the QB at times and has the size to stop a guy like Cornish. Clark is still a solid LB. I think the team has to find a way to keep them both around. I have been a big Clark fan through camp, still am...they have 2 keepers.

FRICKEN LOVE how Smith tucks the ball on short yardage. is a tell to the D to commit...don't care...LOVE IT

Milo...not sure how long the 2 Fgs were in the first half...I think 47 or 48 yards...first one squeaked in...second one had another 10+ yards. Has Early played? Think I saw him on one kickoff? Oneil's punts have been pretty good...will be interesting to see what hapens

Don't think Singletary has played...he looked good in the last game, especially for such limited time in camp...White has looked good in this game.

Doughty, Hollins, Gray, Hinse, Williams, Miller...a few guys that need to do something in the second half to have a shot

wow, serious decisions at receiver here
Williams came up with some really nice grabs
Wilson had a superb one as well. He continually impresses.
Carol looks like he could step in as a nation right now
And of course Hardin is solid in himself
I get what they see in JR...I just don't see how they can sacrifice a young promising guy for him.
Going to be some pretty intense conversations on this!

Dyce's Sts are a fricken mess. Room to improve I guess...they will need to.

Miller was making some big hits and nice moves...I like the way he was grinding...then he fumbled on a return...we shall see if that costs him...bubble guy all coming down to other decisions. They definitely gave him the rock and said go try to earn a spot

Gotta say a lot of the guys I mentioned needing to step up...did
Doughty was a beast in the middle, Carter was night and day better than last game

Some fairly easy calls for about 8-10 guys...beyond that pretty damned tough.

I know its preseason and all so yes the score isn't all that important but once again they couldn't hold the lead and for a team that the defense is suppose to be dominant that isn't the trend so far. Would feel much better if it wasn't a blow out at the end considering the Stamps being down for most of the game and then to crumble at the end.

Ya I'd say that has to be a concern considering their shouldn't be much drop off between Glenn and Durant. Will be interesting to see if this team can develop any sort of run game throughout the season to close teams out.

there was no real dropoff really. It was some of the rotational guys that came in, and more so that the rotational secondary for the Riders was not good...easy cuts there.
The swing came from the miller fumble after like 3 fricken punt attempts and then the pretty bad call on contacting the kicker...when they had called a pretty good game beyond that...maybe I am wrong...seemed like a weak call. and of course a weak secondary that tate exposed on the wide side
starters to starters...riders were better

I look at it this way...the players that were fighting for a Stamps spot late beat out the players that were fighting for a rider spot late.

Always nice to get a W in that game...but they proved the 1st stringers can play

That's good. I watched the first half, and thought Durant and our 1s looked good too. Just listened to the second half so it's a bit more difficult to gage it. doubt. The sidelines were chewed up by the stamps. The Rider interior looked perhaps better at times...Doughty is a beast...I think it was a mistake moving foley....but the brazz needs to cover azz. Carter looks really good in zone and ST...crap in man. Vonk played fairly wall...Hinse was overall solid...encouraging. I wanted to see a win, but was fine with how things went down as it answered some questions on a few guys for sure...I think D is set. There will be maybe 2-3 tough calls...O is a whole other thing...a good half dozen tough calls./

I think our d line will be fine with Chick and Hall. The defense looked vanilla from what I watched. When they throw their blitz packages in I expect more turnovers

oh....i am not worried about the DL...I am worried that there is no solid National backup to Emry. I know that it can be national by committee...but still

Well my take on the game is this, first off the starting O line did good, DD got good protection for the most part, DD looked good as he progressed, receivers looked good even Getz, Allen made some good plays as did Messem. Really impressed with Demski he has a great future and will only get better as the season continues!! Some of the back ups played well also, I have no fears should DD go down again, as Glen can still play. Miller I am not sure as of yet because of the fumble, C Williams played well as he did last season. I still say T Smith can make those long balls, but soon as someone looks at him he falls over, JMO!!

The D was good until the back-ups came in, some played well but show why they are #2 or less in the scheme of things, happy for the lack of flags last night, still some cleaning up to do and the call for roughing the kicker was bull just a lame call. With Chick and Brack not in lineup we may see a lot more from our D in the season opener, much improved D. from last game

Our Kickers, would keep Milo and Early and release duck dynasty O Neil!!

Special teams where good with the starters, better than last season, that also changed with the back-ups, all in all it was a good game and really think the next time we meet Calgary, with our starters, we should dominate, Going to be and interesting season game on and Go Riders!