PS1 @Edmonton in Ft Mac

Of special note...count the listed National starters



Our oline looks bad. Durant looks 100%. Sloppy fumbles from our starters. Hopefully Ryan Smith isn't too hurt. He got cranked.

Pierchelsky (sp?) reminds me of Ray Elgaard. Fights for every yard.

I thought the same thing and really like what I seen from him. Looks like he is a real scrapper and gets the hard yak yards. Certainly looks like a keeper to me.
Also agree about the O line looking soft but what has me also concerned is the pressure or more the lack of pressure from our D line. With Hall Chick and George they should be getting a lot more heat in the back field. For what I thought was suppose to be an aggressive defense it sure hasn't shown up tonight. How many blitzes did they call? Seemed like none to me and way too much cushion allowed by the db's. Some sloppy tackling on some run plays too. Where was Emry? Don't think I heard his name all night and for what we lost to get him I certainly was expecting to see some good hard hits. Not the case tonight.

Smith at Qb looked very good and shows good composure and can scramble while Tino not shocking to me did very little except one pass that was called back. Otherwise he again shows his slow feet and inability to avoid the pressure. Nice pick he threw too. How many times was Tino sacked? 4 at least. His stock while very low all ready in my opinion just hit rock bottom.

Hope they give Smith a good look again in the next one and if he shows as good again then send Tino packing.

Bye-bye Turtle Slowseri. I wouldn’t even offer him a practice roster position. He’s just not cut out for this leagues game. The only passes he doesn’t throw behind his receivers are the long bombs, otherwise all his crossing route passes are behind the target.

I think Taman may have stole the pick of the draft again this year.

Hope Ryan Smith is OK.

Reciever looks really deep. Certainly some tough decisions ahead. Our secondary will be a bit easier to sort out.

Lol hell no I would cut all ties with him period and get him out of town. If he signs with someone else I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
I also have to say our running game was not impressive either. I hope Chappy realizes that while with the new rules it opens up the passing game but ball and clock management is important too. We had this one wrapped up until Tino got his shot and too many quick 2 and outs cost us. A good ground game could have wrapped this one up. As I said if Toston doesn't make it on the Stamps I would give him another shot.

Too many penalties by both sides of the ball and too many balls on the ground. I don't think it will be a pleasant trip back to Regina for the team especially for anyone that Cory was upset with and I think that was more then a few players by the looks on the sidelines.

I thought Clark was the guy at center...Watman won that tonight. I question if Clark even has a spot with the club, because IMO they were pushing him to C because they did not trust him at G. He is going to be in a fight for a spot. Fortunately for him there were not a pile of good options beyond him in that game. Hinse did not impress. Could be some trouble on the OL for sure. Philipp was a disappointment. Richards looked good.

Richardson had the fumble...but he made a pretty big move when he did that...he made a nice catch high and outside of him...think it was the first or second play by the Riders O...may have been on the fumble play.

Pierzchalski looked really good. Made some into the right spot a bunch.

Michael Carter had a damned rough night...but that hit at the goal line might propel him past cuts...we shall see.

Miller had some opportunities but never stood out.

Early is sticking...he was great. question is does he make it past Sunday? If there was another QB in might save him. Just plain bad. I get that the Esks kept their starters in and blitzed lots...everyone knew that was going to is Jones being an idiot in preseason. He made a couple rather nice passes...but he made a lot more stupid mistakes...too many for a 3rd year guy. He ran passed the line on the 3....then backed up instead of attempting to get what he could...I honestly believe he thought he was still in a position to throw there! it is preseason...the W is not waht matters and Jones keeping his starters in helps the Riders make decisions easier...the riders were in control of that game until tino stepped on the field. i didn't know what to expect of Smith...he was 4th coming in...he has will definitely be around after sunday and probably is giving staff the itchy finger on tino.

Denski looked good...and that return was awesome

there were definitely a few guys who played onto or off this team in this game, or changed their spot on the depth chart.

JC s pass first...he supplements the running game with swing passes

as far as showcasing RBs...there are a lot more decisions to be made at receiver than that is a factor in minimal running as well.

totally agree....Smith was just shocking how comfortable he looked! i know it is only 1 game...i am not trying to read into it...but the 3rd guy is a project player...tino looks the same as last season...time for a new project. I would cut tino on sunday cut downs so that Smith can get more reps./

Yup, Smith looked really good, plus he can scramble. Tino has shown absolutely no improvement in aspect of his game despite being here for a while and receiving more playing time than an other recent Rider backup QB. As soon as Tino stepped on the field it was a bad flashback to the Riders of the second half of last year. I can’t see any other team picking him up either. He may have just played his last pro game.

Passing first is fine and true they probably wanted to see what the qb's and receivers looked like but it is still important to have a good running game. Just hope as I said Chappy doesn't abandon the run as it is effective to open things up for the pass if the run is a legitimate threat. With out it then teams will pin their ears back and come full out to get to the qb. A good run game can be very effective in slowing that down. Edmonton is a high pressure defense and you have to burn them with some good runs to get them hesitating on the rush.

I agree, but am not holding my breath on him doing so...

Then who's next on the OC negotiating list? Cory may have hitched his wagon to the wrong horse on this one as it was pretty clear who everyone thought was a shoe in for the spot.

As for Tino his plane ticket after this game wouldn't be back to Regina but to where ever he is from if I was making the call.

I agree also that Early is sticking. One thing I really like about him that isn't mentioned much or looked at but he hustles out there after a punt. Haven't seen that from a punter since Borham.

Who needs to be next? Just because we don't agree entirely with how he will run the O it does not mean it will not work. There are a lot of good things he will bring to the is just a matter of seeing if it is enough and if they fit his squad. I will reserve judgement based on his entire body of work as opposed to one aspect of it.

I will also add that Glenn looked really good in there.

My take on tonight, DD looked good, Glenn looked good as did Smith... Tino lost us this game, hope that is the last time I have to see him play with us! For the most part our Off looked good, but the O-line is a concern, to many sacks and Miller missed a block on one play I'd seen, Love Early as a Punt/kicker.

The D was ok some nice plays and some boners, but really we seen mostly rookies and non starters tonight, Think next game when our starts start will see a big difference, not saying it was bad tonight, but our starters will make the difference. The new rules suck for the most part, do not like the new 5 yard pass interference rule, it is allowing receivers great room to catch the ball. Gonna see lots of penalties this season because of it.

It was a good showing for us, until 4th qu. I don't think we have a lot to worry about this season, and hope Ryan Smith is ok, was a great catch.

agree Glenn looked sharp again not a surprise to me though.

While we took some hits on the o-line over the past few years, I think it will be fine. It really only turned into a sackfest when Tino went in. Same thing as last season whenever Tino stepped onto the field.

Glenn looked absolutely fine. I sometimes think that the media over plays his age way too much. He's only 36 in a league that has seen a few QBs play into their 40's.