PS Question......

…holding Edmonton to zero TDs in eight quarters of play is pretty damn impressive no matter how you cut it, i.e. preseason or not…

…was this due to primarily a bad EE offensive scheme or a great Saskatchewan D?..or a combination of both?..

probably a combo of both. Ray didn't play the first game at all, and obviously Khari Jones wasn't that effective. But I think the Riders D is one of the strongest in the league. There isn't really any glaring holes.

I would agree with Billy, it was probably a little of both. I also agree that our D is gonna be very strong this year. Mcullough at middle linebacker is the only question mark but I think he will step up this year. Staying healthy will also be critical.

Anyways we’ll see this week how good our defense really is when we take on Dickenson and a lions offense that from the sounds of it is already clicking

......the lions are definately ready to roar....their O line is better than last year but we still managed a couple of sacks on DD.....their receivers are working great, your DBs will need to be tough right away....their D is sorta o.k., nothing spectacular that I saw....

First I would like to say that its a pleasure to be posting on the same topic as BillySoup because we don’t always get along but its good to have a heated football argument every once in a while and I respect his opinions. I haven’t been on here consistantly for a long time but the new season has me fired up, especially this defence. McCullugh I think is a really smart linebacker that will help make up for his speed. Word is that Mitchell will probably be starting at safety at least for this game. I don’t like the guy at linebacker but it will definatly be an upgrade to both Edwards and Gordon from last year. I mean Gordon made some good hits but he missed a lot of plays trying to knock the guy the f*** out. Once again the best line and secondary in the league (good pickup in Curry) it should be a good year

i hope it will be a good year.. lol

yah if our Offence steps it up too, look out. With an already solid defence, we could be ready to rock this time around.

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

I'll give the sask d. some credit for holding the esks off for no TD's. Ray didn't play the first game and it was pre-season. But IMO in the second game it was mainly the esks killing their drives with stupid penalties, 195 yards in the game combined and 45 yards by OL Joe McGrath on two successive offensive plays. The esks better get disciplined, and quickly, or it could be an ugly few weeks to start off the season with mindless penalties.

As well, the Esks offensive scheme is basically the same "ball control" s*** as the end of last year.(Let's pass for 2 yards when we're 2nd and 8). Always short 5-10 yard passes. We did see a deep ball twice from Ray and once from Johnson, but all 3 were overthrown.

Yea esks you are correct i believe when you say that Edmonton is playing that "controlled" defense, i think edmonton was and is still a way better offence when they play the game the way they've been playing it for years, not any of this 2 yard shit like belfeiulle made the riders do for freacking 5 years or whatever, edmonton is like big play offence, i mean, you have the most talented receivers out there in my opinion or at least under BC (i'm not sure if BC or Edmonton receiving core is better) but yea you have great receivers like moukie, tucker, and hell you even have Hervey for hopefully the full year this year, Hervey is a solid and fast receiver and he was always a good weapon on the offence, edmonton has to use these receivers and not throw these two yard passes.
Thats the change i also hope to see in the riders this year. With condell here hopefully we start using our talent a little more such as KK running and Szarka running and OH MY GOD!! maybe an I-Formation more than ONCE a game!! Wouldn't that be something folks! :lol: anyways, what i'm trying to say is hopefully condell and i know for a fact that he will do better than bellfeielle.
We also have Armstead in our line up now and Mr. Fantuz. We have Dominguez back, i mean, i don't want to brag or anything, but we have a pretty solid receiving core in our team, and it could be the best but i think our team may take a while to click because we have a bunch of receivers who have never palyed with eachother before.
Hey bigj! long time no see buddy haha, yea i'm the same way as you, i left after the season ended and now i'm just finally getting back into the forums, so welcome back and let the controversial topics begin!

hahaha. Not sure why you need to feel priveledged to post on the same thread as me. I am not trying to be a know it all. I know I don't know it all. I also haven't been on in awhile, but thats because I haven't had access. I will be gone in two days again, so you won't need to worry about me for most of the season.

Billy if you were talking to me, i'm sorry if i offended you however i may have? :expressionless:

nope. not talking to you trav

Could someone please post a report on Fantuz? There was a lot of talk before he got to Regina but have not heard anything about his work during the pre-season. Just curious about our Canadian players. Thanks

LeBird if you haven't heard anything about Fantuz I don't think you have been looking hard enough. On the Riderville website they had plays of the day and Fantuz was on it almost every second day because of his great hands. The practice I went to he caught a underthrown ball one handed over the defenders shoulder. He had a few receptions in preseason games but on that he didn't catch he had the defender beat and he had to interfear to prevent a touchdown. This kid doesn't drop the ball and supposedly has huge hands but is not the fastest guy but from what I've seen has some good moves. I don't know why I called him a kid because he's older than me but anyway hope this helps you out. Lets just say Shivers will be forgiven for not signing Clermont.

Thanks much

What's the proper pronunciation of his name?

I think its pronounced "fan-too-zz"