PS GDT: Ticats @ ORBs

These two only play twice this year. Once in August and again in October.

The pre-season game I am waiting the most. Excited to see the new Redblack offensive at home.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Hamilton win even if it’s at Ottawa. Dane Evans did well in the last regular season game against Montreal and he just did some good plays for a touchdown. He seems to be a good backup if Masoli is injured

Really sucks to see an injury like that to Shelton, especially in a preseason game. Just brutal.

This is a proper football game !

Dane did indeed look good in the first half for the most part behind a back up (mostly) OL. Hamilton backups (mostly) and some potential starters seemed to hold their own pretty well against some of the home team’s starters or potential starters.

Holley looks like he is fitting in nicely with the RB’s .

The best pre-season game for now (and also the only one that was not one-sided so it helps). Backups from both team did well and altough the result doesn’t count it’s still a first win for Orlondo Steinauer. Maybe my letdown is Jonaton Jennings who didn’t impress me well. I will however give him the benefice of the doubt because Brad Sinopoli was on the sidelines.

I can’t say Jennings was a letdown, because I expected him to be a dud. Most over-rated player on the BC roster for years. I was more disappointed that Davis didn’t use his opportunity to shine. On paper his stats looked good, but on the field it was a disjointed mess. It’s probably too late in the pre-season to find anyone worth picking up, but the Redblacks need to go QB shopping.

Both those teams have a wealth of quality receivers and Crockett was impressive, runs upright which will make him at risk of injury in the CFL but as long as he’s healthy he gives them their best running game they’ve had.

Very entertaining game and good atmosphere for preseason game. There were a lot of kids there. Announced crowd of 22,314. Probably around 19-20,000 there.

The quarterbacking situation is going to be interesting. It appears to me that Jennings has the stronger arm for the long passes; not to throw shade on Davis, who also performed well in my estimation. Time will tell who will be the starting QB but I suspect it will be Davis. The two other backup QBs also got a shot but unfortunately, my man Danny Collins did not have a stellar evening. I really want to see this young fellow do well but he does not get enough field time to hone his skills.

A final note on the QB squadron: they all did what Trevor Harris was apparently incapable or unwilling to do during his time with the Redblacks, and that is RUN.THE.BALL.

Overall, the QB situation is causing me some concern. While they did OK, it was just that: OK. No signs of Henry Burris talent out there. Maybe we’ll have a situation like in Winnipeg where they alternate between their two main QBs as and when circumstances dictate.

The most surprising element (for me anyway) of the game was the calibre of play from the two Mexican nationals on the team. Jose Maltos, made a spectacular recovery on an overshot snap, and, while running for his life with the hostiles closing in on all sides, in mid-stride, and in what looked to me like an exceedingly awkward position, punted the ball with his left foot and saved the play. I consider that to be the play of the game. He really showed a lot of grit and initiative. Keep an eye on this fellow.

Much as I am a Redblacks fan, I have a gut feeling that this may be the year that the Tabbys will dominate the East. Ottawa still has the talent but they also appear to be in re-build mode. The team must have some kind of long-term plan but that is not apparent to mere mortals like me.

Another football analysis from the cheaps seats.

Looking forward to another season of fun and informative discussions with this group of knowledgeable and die-hard CFL fans. Honoured to be part of the fold.

Let the games begin…

Well said. As I’ve mentioned, neither Jennings nor Davis appear to be the answer. Platooning always looks great on paper, almost never works.

I also agree with your assessment of the Global players. Maltos made a courageous save. Then you have the amazing catch by Guillermo Villalobos. I like both of these guys.

Sadly, while I’ve been calling for Ottawa to repeat atop the East (especially with Hamilton’s coach-swap fiasco), it looks like the Tiger-Cats will likely squeak out the crown.

Don’t need to be better than the Ticats.

Just have to be better than the Argos and the Als. 8)

Well done OTTAWA!!
Great number(22K) for a televised pre-season game!

Reminds of an old bit of wisdom about safe travel in bear country: I don’t have to be able to run fast. I just have to be able to run faster than you.