PS GDT: ORBs @ Als

This preseason edition of the Labour Day Classics week is all the Labour Day action that this game will see this year, as they aren’t playing on Labour Day weekend. While it would still be irksome, it would be somewhat understandable if they were giving the Leos a Labour Day game against one of these two teams. Instead they are giving all three teams a Labour Day bye this year, for some mystifying reason.

The good news is that the RedBlacks and the Als still play against each other thrice this year. The Als head to Ottawa in mid July, then the Reds go to Montreal in early August. Ottawa hosts game three in November, during the final weekend of the regular season.

If both teams were to somehow manage to squeak into the playoffs, then they could theoretically play a grand total of five times this year, including both preseason and postseason. How many times has that ever happened under the current scheduling format?

A lot. I’ve even seen six games between Toronto and Montreal.

It was a tie!

It was a shocker! And not a great game. Quarterback play on both sides was horrendous.

Well, for #3 and #4, I think the RBs QBs played a way better than I expected.

Arndt will probably catch a roster spot. Collins…not so much.