PS GDT: Leos @ Esks

You seem to be forgetting that Stud Q.B. you speak of played the first pre season game last year and then missed the playoffs. Couldn’t even get the crossover.

Just announced attendance-23,500 Stadium is huge making it look half empty
Big stadium so what. I enjoyed the game. Would have been a full house in Montreal, Ottawa, To, Hamilton if 22,500. Great job Eskies AGAIN.*/1fmZ2GXDYv0XQxCqpya2hEzLihk642FNx

It's kind of irksome when people post pics from the anthem and say "look at all the empty seats!" or "nobody is here" or "there are more players than fans." There are many late arriving fans, especially for a mean-nothing preseason afternoon game.

Anyway, this is a more accurate reflection of attendance today at Commonwealth. About what one would expect in May, no?

Exactly. BC’s mgmt thinks they can buy a winning season with one player. No, it takes a TEAM, and most importantly, great coaching. My favorite example is the 2017 Ticats. Eight games of terrible play. New coach, and the same players (other than a change at quarterback) suddenly start winning.

I like listening the games over the radio too (cell phone or old school).

That is field one BIG friggin’ billboard