PS GDT: Leos @ Esks

It’s here… sorta. 8)

What are the keys to the game?

Mike Reilly not playing

B.C. is leaving nearly every veteran behind in Kamloops. An exception would be at MLB with two Nationals battling it out in Herdman and Konar. Most of the rest making the trip are either rookies or 2nd year players. Very few projected starters, so LOTS of evaluation tape for DeVone and staff.

So yea, with all the vets the Esks are dressing, I would say something is rotten in the state of Denmark if they lose this game to B.C. Even our QBs are green. Ricky Lloyd (expected to play behind Reilly this season) was on our PR for most of last year.

It’s obvious Claybrooks doesn’t care about winning or losing, just wants to “evaluate the talent.” Hope this attitude changes come regular season, but I’m not optimistic. Pretty likely he also wants to keep his star QB from getting hurt, particularly against the team Reilly abandoned.
Just seems odd for a new head coach from another organization to not bother getting a look at his vets and returning starters just 6 days after shaking hands with them for the first time. It would make more sense for Maas, since he coached most of his vets and starters last year and knows what they can do. Instead, Maas will play some first stringers, while Claybrooks left half his team at home.
They say that pre-season is where you prepare for what’s in store for the coming season. Guess Claybrooks is preparing for a lot of losing.
But to answer the question…
Maas won’t intentionally run up the score, but expect the Esks to win this one by two. Two touchdowns, that is.

CFL teams play one exhibition game at home and one of the road … often the vets are played more in the home game than on the road … there are obviously four combos: vet-vet, vet-rookie, rookie-vet, rookie-rookie … in theory if one team plays more vets and the other more rookies the fist team should have an advantage … but then most vets are comfortable in their jobs while rookies are fighting tooth and nail for a job … in other words, Claybrooks is hardly preparing for a lot of losing … whether they win or lose this season won’t be because of who played in their fits exhibition game.

Could be more players than fans.

no Reilly and the lions bring their E team. Not much to interest fans.

BC up 7-3 against EDM starters :o

It ain’t over till it’s over, Grover! :wink:
BTW, really like your Ticat prediction!

You are correct, “whether they win or lose this season won’t be because of who played in their first exhibition game.” My point isn’t the players. Whether they win or lose this season WILL be because of their coach. So I stand by my prediction…a lot of losing on BC’s horizon this year.

OK … and I neither agree or disagree on bow the Lions will do … but your previous post certainly drew a direct link between how Claybrooks decided to coach this game (i.e., vets vs. rookies) and your predicted lack of success for them this season.

12-7 Eskies at the half

So here we are nearly 2 decades deep into the 21st century, about a kajillion different channels available on cable TV, dozens of dish satellites in space racing around the globe, internet reaching into every corner of the planet, cell phones with screens nearly as big as the first portable televisions, streaming video showing tweens picking their nose in Scandinavia (with about 150,000 likes), data traveling everywhere at the speed of light…and here I am, listening to the Lions game on radio. (To be fair, it’s radio over the internet). Frustrating and maddening, but also kinda cool, going Old School and listening to the game like I used to listen to Baltimore Colts games on the radio back in the 60’s.
My thanks to TSN 1040 for broadcasting the audio of the game. And Claybrooks debut? Going about as expected here at halftime.

How 'bout that BC QB Abbadabba? (Yeah, I know that’s not his real name, but he’s not going to be around long enough for me to bother to learn it). Guy really puts the “Back Up” in backup quarterback. Lloyd didn’t look much better. Lions fans better PRAY Reilly can survive the season.
On the good side, BC D did a good job stopping the Esks at the goal line late in the 2nd quarter (after special teams got smoked).

Absolutely correct, a DIRECT link between the team’s chances for success and the decision-making of their leader. One of the keys for a head coach is to know how to deploy his resources. So BC spends a fortune getting one of the best quarterbacks in the game today (north OR south of the border). One of the reasons you spend that kind of money is to access his wealth of experience and knowledge. So as first time head coach you go into the pre-season opener with a pair of inexperienced pivots. And the guy who could help train them up, provide insight and guidance, explain what they’re seeing, and offer helpful hints? He’s cooling his heels back in Kamloops. Sorry, not impressed.

You know, being the first game, it’s so hard to know who’s good + who’s not. So much can happen during the year, but we can only hope for the best, eh?
Been interesting game tho + I agree with you that Reilly should’ve been there to help backups.

OK … but I still disagree with you … teams can only travel with so many players and I doubt any team ever brings along someone they don’t plan to play … and since starting QBs usually play all of a half (if that) in pre-season so if Reilly plays this week he likely sits next … and if Reilly gets hurt in the season and he played a lot in the pre-season then Claybrooks get criticized for not doing enough to find and develop a backup … but I look forward to the regularly trashing of Claybrooks throughout the season.

Just announced attendance-23,500
Stadium is huge making it look half empty

Eskies win 22-7

“but I look forward to the regularly trashing of Claybrooks throughout the season.”

My fear is that Claybrooks is going to make that too easy. And it won’t totally be his fault as much as it is the front office, who made the decision to hire a DEFENSIVE guy while investing all their marbles into an offensive star; turning the team over to a guy with no head coaching experience at any level.

There’s a learning curve EVERY first-time head coach has to go through. By the time Claybrooks learns enough chops to be of any use, we will have squandered Reilly’s best years (if he survives).

Claybrooks was a bad hire. Offensive mastermind Paul LaPolice would have been a better option to pair with a stud QB.