Provincial Election

I thought this would be a interesting diversion.

Sambo42, you know that you could really skew the results, as most sports fans are superstitious, and point out that the Riders have NEVER won a GC with the NDP in power.

I knew it was only a matter of time before this thread started. Someone always brings up that the Riders never win under the NDP. Well, truth be told, they've never won under the Sask Party either :smiley:

They did win once while Devine was Premier. But people, was it worth it to endure 10 years of Devine rule?!?

This could get ugly.

All I know is that The Sask Party is a joke and the NDP have dug a deep hole.

The Sask Party released a commercial on which Brad Wall said "So what if I secretly cheer for the Calgary Stampeders?" . . . I mean the guy is an admitted Albertan.

We can say goodbye to free healthcare if he gets in.

We can say goodbye to the lowest car insurance rates in the country if he gets in.

I am sure Brad wall can't even spell Aboriginal or Indigenous.

Any type of conservative party cannot be trusted.

That is my opinion but I would love to ramble on and on; I won't.

Im too young too vote… less 6 months till I can though lol

While I am not a Sask Party fan, in fact quite the opposite, I think you need to settle down on the rhetoric. The Sask Party, however "evil," will not get rid of what we as Saskatchewan call dear. They will mess with some stuff, that will probably rise my ire, but they won't ruin this province, simply because they won't have the mandate to.

You may be right Billy. But we have to remember our history. Devine came perilously close to actually doing that! We were right on the brink of bankrupcy - literally.

Sorry, Rocky_B if I offended with the NEVER under the NDP comment. I only meant to stir the pot and seemed to have been successful. My point was really that this is a sports forum and was trying to keep it that way. If I really wanted to debate politics seriously, I would go to a political chat room.

This wasnt intended as a political debate, I was just curious as to who people are going to vote for, I really don't care why. Each party has it stregths and its flaws, it finding out which party's ideas and philopshy that you agree with most.

Hey it doesn't matter what party comes in. Unless people hold them accountable for their actions nothing is going to change.

One of the election promises that got Devine elected was a matching grant of $3,000 per household for upgrades. This was at a time when the government was running in the red. What happened the people of Sask elected him. I remember the media covering stories of people using the $3,000 to finish a deck or a basement on a brand new house. That isn't upgrading.

All political parties will screw people over. For years the NDP has refused to work to improve our natural resource exporting (oil, gas, uranium). Why is it the Sask Potash company failed to make money as crown corp under the NDP but has made its investor rich as private company.

Having said that...politics doesn't belong in a football forum.... Politician are a step below used car salesman.

No offense taken my friend. I really try to be apolitical (just hate the conservatives). It's just funny, cuz I knew this (Riders never winning the GC under the NDP) would be brought up. And it's also only a matter of time before Brad Wall mentions it too. Wait for it.

The "hot tub" grant was one of many Devine bribes to get himself re-elected. You'd think people would be a little less self-serving. I'm not for the NDP. But if the conservatives (Sask Party) gets in, expect hard times.

Also, regarding the "Riders have never won the GC under the NDP" thing. Look back through history. Any time the conservatives have been in power, there is a drought or recession. Coincidence? Maybe.

Nothing will change....they are all crooks and you can't believe anything from any of them.

So the taxpayers defraud the government and it's the government's fault? Lived in SK most my life and Romanow was by far the most intellegent conservative premier the province ever had. Yeah he headed the NDP, but his policies were almost exclusively small c conservative.

That is the type of government that produces growth and strengthens the economy. After seeing what most NDP leaders have done in SK and MB (Romanow being the exception) I will never be able to bring myself to vote for that party again.

Shouldn't all of us Rider fans be voting for the GREEN party???

Nice one Ridergrrl! There is a "Green Revolution" happening around the world. It only makes sense the Riders would be everyone's favorite team! :smiley:

Its funny how some people can ridicule a party that has never been in power and use the same Ole scare tactics of the current govt, we will lose medicare, we will lose the crowns, blah blah blah... its getting old and so is the present Govt.... I see nothing wrong at giving the Sask Party a kick at the cat so to speak...

After all, if they win the Riders will be assured a Grey Cup :slight_smile:

for all you guys who think that you'll have hard times if the Sask Party wins have been CLEARLY brainwashed!!

the Sask Party is the group that wants to bring in hundred and thousands of jobs into the province! they want to get the oil out of the ground! they want to make the natives pay taxes.. they want to make the Province a better place!

don't you realize that the reason the oil Companies haven't started anything in Saskatchewan yet is because the NDP party is still in power???

Are you guys that brainwashed that you can't see the facts???

WHEN the Sask Party wins, you'll see a huge increase in the provinces earnings, huge increase in jobs, and a big reduction in provincial sales tax and a big reduction in business taxes! to give incentives to bring in the jobs!!

you guys were CLEARLY brainwashed.

A chicken in every pot? Everyone a millionaire? I’ve heard it all before – and it never happened. You’re probably too young to remember, but when Devine was first campaigning to become premier, he said basically the same things you list above. His slogan was “Saskatchewan is Open for Business?. To his credit, he did lower taxes at first. But that didn’t last long, as they soon went up higher than what they were before. And we came so horribly close to bankruptcy! When you as a province is at a point where you aren’t even able to pay bills – that’s serious. That’s not even getting into the legal corruption of the MP’s. On and on it went.

So you really think the Sask Party will do all you say, then who’s the one brainwashed?!?

Let me guess, you have inside information about the Sask. Party because you know someone who knows their cleaning lady, right?

Anyway, all I need to know about the Sask Party is it was formed originally by the remnants of the Devine Conservatives and a bunch of backstabbing so-called Liberals.
With heritage like that, they are not likely to ever receive my vote....