Province vs city

The change occured/happened in 1946


Good to know. I believe they also were in red prior to that. Did they change their colours around the same time?

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They changed their colours in 1948 to the familiar green and white.


Wasn’t well thought out was it?

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I always though they named teams after Provinces or States to try and draw fans in from the entire territory instead of just the host city.

The Riders are Saskatchewan’s team and not just Regina.

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Good observation also wonder if the league has any say in the decision.

Colorado Rockies, Avalanche, Denver Broncos, Nuggets. New England Patriots, Boston everything else. You are correct. It only makes sense if the state or province has just one metro area. Does it make any sense no that Notre Dame is the Fighting Irish when most of the players are African American?

And there’s not a single pirate playing for the Buccaneers.


Burgundy and black, I believe. But don’t take that as gospel

You might be right. Kind of hard to tell with black and white pictures :grin:


Not sure how close the 2010 retros were to the originals, though

Nor any dolphins playing for Miami
Not a single raptor in Toronto either.
How do they get away with stuff


There MIGHT be ONE raptor in Toronto…

No vikings playing for Minnesota.

dont be too sure. :slight_smile:


Kirk comes from the Old Norse “kirkja,” a place name for a person who lives near a church. The name also made its way to England and Scotland eventually. Kirk is very recognizable as a boy’s name and can be an instant classic yet again.

  • Origin: Scandinavian, Scottish
  • Meaning: Church
  • Pronunciation: KERK
  • Variations: Kerk, Kirc, Kurk
  • Namesakes: Kirk O’Bee, an American road racing cyclist who won the USPRO pursuit championship in 1997.
  • Popularity: Kirk is uncommon worldwide, used mainly in the U.S., and ranked 392nd in Jamaica.
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Seems close enough.

Regina used to play Saskatoon Quakers in old days so has to be when only game in town I would think

No idea why Vancouver changed to BC though (Vancouver only lasted 1 year maybe BC just sounded better to them)

Viking in name only. One thing to remember; in the “viking era”, MOST Scandinavians were not vikings.

FYI I have discovered that there is ONE MN NFLer with a name I am sure is Scandinavian. His last name is Hockenson and he was born in Iowa; another midwest state with many Scandinavian communities. Since the name ends in -son it is most likely Swedish, with a small possibility of Icelandic. Norwegian and Danish patronymics overwhelmingly end in
-sen. “Hocken-” is most likely a respelling of “Håkan-” (å is pronounced similar to “oh”). Nor, Dan, or Isl. would likely be spelled “Haakon”. (aa is an older spelling of å). A lot of Scandinavian immigrants to the US had their names respelled at Ellis Island by immigration officers who decided that they must look more “English”; Johansson and Jonsson became Johnson, Nilsson became Nelson etc. Those immigration wonks didn’t like letters such as å, ä, ö, ð, þ, æ and ø.
That is why my last name starts with the fifteenth letter of the alphabet instead of the 27th.

That name is well known in Calgary.