Province Power Listings

So what do you think of this from the Vancouver Province?

1: Saskatchewan -- Hard to peg them any lower to start when they didn't allow a touchdown in two pre-season games against the Eskimos. New offensive co-ordinator Tommy Condell about to unveil a reworked scheme that could make Riders more of a vertical team than last year.

2: Calgary -- Don't let their water-logged loss to the Lions fool you. They might need some time for the secondary to come together again but appear to have all the necessary parts.

3: B.C. -- Dave Dickenson looks ready to pick up where he left off after his concussion. Both lines played well in final exhibition game. DL Aaron Hunt could be a keeper. Will components of the new offence, which has been kept under wraps during preseason, work as efficiently as expected early?

4: Toronto -- As long as Damon Allen is healthy, they'll undoubtedly move up. A little time might still be needed -- not to mention a game against a team other than the Ticats -- to figure out how best to meld the run skills of Ricky Williams into a pass-oriented offence.

5: Montreal -- Huge early injury concerns: KR Ezra Landry (knee) won't play in season opener. North Delta CB Davis Sanchez (sprained toe) will miss two games. Returning CFL veteran DL R-Kal Truluck (thumb) is gone a month.

6: Edmonton -- Still several holes to be filled. DL Anthony Collier, the Ottawa pickup who was supposed to replace Joe Montford, was cut last week. Offensive line hasn't played much together. LB Steven Marsh remains out. Rib injury to DB Donald Brady will force adjustments in secondary.

7: Hamilton -- Another team that might require some bonding time, particularly on offence. Ex-B.C. LB JoJuan Armour won starting job.

8: Winnipeg -- You've got issues when the starting QB is still unclear and the secondary -- which helped give up the most yards in league history last year -- is still unsettled.

Hamilton should be higher and SSK should be much much lower.

I think these province listings could be accurate, i think BC will move to number two moving calgary to number three . Edmonton to five and Montreal to six. i am unclear of the first spot as i dont think it will be saskatchewan but i cant pick a team.