Prove me wrong!!! Bombers O-line worst in the League!!!

Any GM will tell you that you build a team from its O-line first.
Ours is incompetent! They can't open holes for any runners, we've proven that by putting in good backs all year long to no avail. They can't hold out the pressure or the pass rush on a consistent basis. Look at how we break down at nearly every key moment!
When they wake up the 2-3 drives a game we look unstoppable, then they disappear and we stall.
Where are the Chris Walbys, the Nick Bastajas, the Nick Benjamins, the John Bonks?
Who on the Line would even be considered as the best at his position?
Every other aspect of the team has been changed and worked with and there is no result. When do we face the truth that our LINE IS WORST!!!!

You can't build a team from the line out when you trade your top picks year after year...

Remember Hamilton...their O line is struggling too! Look how they were taken to task by BC.

Well, they do still have two rookies playing guard with Khan and Sheridan both out with injury. What would you expect from the kids ?

...I understand the Khan position....but why don't they resolve the Sheridan situation...just another example of how this team seems to be dealing with matters lately....It seems as though there is no direction ...What a mess???? We are not the worst o line in the country....but the team as a whole are performing like the crappiest...It seems like they take turns on which part of the game can be screwed up most next....i dunno...confusing???? :roll:

Hamilton is by far the worst O-line in the league.

This Friday night expect your front 4 to have a field day on KJ. The Argos o-line is struggling & couple that with the fact they won't run the ball, Walls & Canada will be flying around the offensive backfield.

Can someone clear this up for me? I've heard reference to the "Sheridan situation" but I don't know what that means. I thought he was injured. Is it something else?

Thanks to whoever can answer this for me.

its the fact he is always injured. it is time we can him and for that sake we can khan as well. i think they are both outstanding lineman, but they gotta play. they are both getting paid to watch. if the team wants to make some moves let's move them and find some new canadian olineman. i think labbatt has looked great as our first round pick this year.

He has an attitude problem which the team won’t correct for him. That is the word on the street, that other gms in the league won’t trade for him due to injury riddled career. That about sums it up. He’s done as a bomber for certain.

Our oline is the worst, also, glad to see that tigercats chat isnt the only forum that is super-negative about their team!