Prove it Friday

I guess you got to show me.

Not to be negitive, I am trying to be realistic.

Was yesterday a fluke, a day we caught the Als napping, resting on their acomplishments?

There was clearly a lack of concern or intensity by the CFL's best team? Yes as I saw it.

Does what the offense showed motivate the defense or will it simply be said its about time?

I loved the game yesterday, but at the same time I hated the outcome. So this friday we face another foe, a whole different animal so to speak. The Argo's nothing or everything to play for?

One thing is curtain, the pressure is all on the Cats. Time to prove it on both sides of the ball.

If they truly played the best team in the league to within 3, then they should walk all over the worst team.

Was yesterday a fluke? The final score on friday will tell me, only a blow out will do !!!!!!!

Nothing says we have arrived better then kicking some Argo butt !!!

8) Well, we better be ready to play some tough football, and be on our best game on Friday night,
   because the Argos have nothing to lose, and will be playing loosy goosy, and trying lots of trick

   plays to defeat us !!!

   The Cats never play good in Hogtown, so I wouldn't be surprised to see an Argo victory, to 

    try and put a nail in the Cats coffin  !!

This team cannot afford to be overconfident against T.O just because we almost beat the Als.

Tipper is right about Toronto being loosey goosey. They have nothing to lose and have a very good defense.

The Cats have to play intense, desperate football for 60 minutes to win this.

How could we be overconfident about TO? They’ve beat us 2 games to 1. We have to bring our A game every game for the remainder of the season.
As soon as we let up, our season could be over.

Can be a good test for or new future great QB, TO has a not bad defence and you can bet they will want to lay a big hurt on our new future great QB. :wink:

If we lose this game I'm afraid any thoughts of the post season are toast.

A lot will depend on how the Als come out against Peg. I hope they play them real hard and don't let them stumble into the playoff. :roll:

..and they are playing on a short week, after a very emotional game. Yikes!

This learning curve that were coming out of is going to lead us to the Straightaway .... Pedal down ladies and gent's ... Lets hope we hit that switch at the purfect time .. Open up the play book and let the sunshine in ...

A Bart Andrus offence having "lots of trick plays" ?? That would be quite a change. . .

Yeah, they still havent worked out the trick of making a completion.

Thw way I saw it, Montreal scored 41 points, well above their average. I also think our offense was full credit for the accomplishments. O-line was great, and the receivers ran great patterns. And Glenn of course...spectacular.

The final score on friday will tell me, only a blow out will do !!!!!!!
I'm ok with "just" a win when you consider the following:
  1. Road game
  2. short week
  3. Toronto has no pressure being in the spoiler role.
  4. Hamilton coming off an intense game vs the league's elite team.
8) Well, considering that they have beaten us twice already this season, maybe you should reconsider your comments !!

Yes they beat Hamilton twice. I don't recall any "trick" plays being the cause of their victories. I'd say that Toronto's offence is pretty boring and unimaginative. Effective enough i suppose in all of their grand total of three victories this season.

8) I'm saying, now that the Argos have nothing to play for, except for players evaluation for next season, look
  for them to come out with all the trick plays, and wildcat formations that they can think of, to beat us !!!

  I never said they used trick plays before,(read my original comments) to beat us !!

  They were able to beat us twice, without any trick plays !!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Well it hasn't been Andrus' m.o. all season to use any trick plays, so I'd be surprised in the extreme if he came up with some now.

I agree they never used trick plays to beat Hamilton twice. . . and regardless of what they do on Friday, they aren't going to beat Hamilton a third time. . . RIGHT??

(sure hope I don't have to eat those words Saturday morning)