Proulx had a good bounce-back game

I admit that I am usually one of the first (and occasionally loudest) critics of CFL refs, and that I am especially critical of Andre Proulx and crew. When I found out he was doing the Riders game, I was horrified, especially after the Hamilton game the previous week.

But I gotta say, credit where its due. They called a good game. Real good. One or two misses, which is unavoidable for any crew, but called down the middle and I’m pretty sure they got everything major correct.

The teams didn’t play great, but at least it was the players who decided the outcome.

I guess this shows that refs, like players, can respond and have good bounce-back games after laying an egg the week before.

Keep up the good work, Andre.

I generally consider him the best head ref in the leauge. Yeah, everybody has a bad game but he doesn't seem to have a lot of them.

seems to favor montreal in most games he refs but.. he's allright.

Can you give some examples of this comment? What did he do to favor Montreal?

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Proulx and his crew are easily the worst in the league. If they happened to have a game where they were not as useless as usual I suggest it would fall under the "even a broken watch is right twice a day" theory. Just watch the game he refs this week, I'm sure they'll be terrible again.

Two years ago I would have agreed with you. He did two stinkers - one in SK hosting BC, and then in Hamilton against SK.

But late last year, and the games I've seen this year, his crew has been fine. And I agree with the original post, Saturday's game was very well officiated.

And don't mind killer and his low-rent biases, he's low on weed and his dog hasn't pooped yet - he's a little owly.

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watch a game when he refs a montreal game, it happens.

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and chief.. my mother is french, my grandparents are french. thats kinda thinkin the worst of someone just cuz they post a comment. i said he seems to favor montreal.. i didnt say currently does..

..but he's allright.

dont even read the whole comment i guess?

Other than his first year,

Proulx has been neck'n neck for top head ref. His crew is coming along just as well. They have command and control of the game and don't put up with crap.

They don't make wild interpretations of rules and Im glad to see Proulx is reffing.

I shudder when I see Murray Clark or Kim Murphy, Mostly cause of their crew.

I admit that I thought (and I suppose still do) think that Proulx and his crew are the worst in the league. Having said that, however, I will also say that he did a good job on the last game, and made the right calls, even if some required a second sober thought. I hope that he and his crew build on this, and we'll all be better off with higher quality officiating.

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