Proud to like disco and the BeeGees

Those were good times.

I wish I could have gotten my hands on those two clowns who did that anti disco thing at Comiskey park in 79.

Long live disco

Long live Bee Gees music.

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If you ever get a chance if you haven't already there is a great interview with Barry Gibb at his home on YouTube .

It is very enlightening and a bit of a tear jerker .

Don't forget ABBA and Donna Summer

Disco is no different than other fad in that it goes in cycles. People like it. Then they get tired of it. Eventually it returns, and we start a new cycle.

In the Bee Gees' favor, they are synonymous with disco. Working against them, they were synonymous with disco.

I never got tired of it :slight_smile:

I was just talking to a friend about the Bee Gees. Serendipity I see this thread. The Bee Gees were great artists way before disco came out. Robin Gibb had an astounding voice. Listen to their music before tight pants and flashing lights Saturday Night fever.
I saw the Bee Gees in concert. No back up band. Hearing Robin sing 'Massachusetts' is a good memory.
They are the third most successful band according to Billboard charts after the Beatles and the Supremes.
Only Presley, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks and Paul McCartney have outsold the Bee Gees.
I never cared for any of their disco shit.


When is rap music going to end ?

Talking in rhyme when it first came out many years ago was cutting edge unique now it's just annoying .


Jasmine we may not agree on a lot of things. . . but on this one we are in full agreement.

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Disco is great. Rap is also sometimes great. Come on, you can't tell me that the beat and even the 'story' in this song isn't just fun:

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Well to each his or her own. I'll stick to my Miles Davis CDs.


I was just thinking of what you say a little while ago but I've been thinking that way for decades now...All I can come up with is the so called musicians of the last 20 years or so can not think of anything new (no talent) and so they continue on with a computer making their music and them still chanting rhymes. When there is no musical talent, rap is what we get.

I hate rap crap more than I ever hated disco shit.


I fell asleep during a first date where we were watching a Miles Davis documentary in a slightly-too-cold theatre. There was no second date.'s some rap Dan that I think you'll get into...

...Chap Rap is a thing, because sometimes this world is indeed awesome...

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I also was a Bee Gees fan long before disco. As much as I have always hated disco I was pleased for them and the success it brought them. Something that hasn't been mentioned are the songs they wrote for other artists. How many millions did they sell?

Well, I have a VERY eclectic music collection that includes everything from Miles Davis to Swollen Members to the Bee Gees. I like all of them, often in the same mix.

Music is an individual taste. Everyone should be free to listen to what they like without being criticized for it. Nobody's music preferences is better than someone else's.


I only learned recently that they wrote Islands in the Stream. One of my fav duets.

Have to agree with you on Miles Davis. He was a genius!

In my opinion, the greatest musician who ever lived, bar none.

That which shatters the silence, we call noise, that which enhances the silence we call music.

I'm pretty sure I am still allowed to call out crap when I hear or see it. Nobody should be offended by critique.

The music is repetitive and the singing/chanting is monotonous just like rap crap but at least I could understand him and he wasn't grabbing his crotch every minute or so. ..THIS only evolved because of how bad rap crap really is !
Thanks Red.

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