Proud to be a fan

I love how the Tiger Cats make us part of their team. Not us and them, just us...all 20,000+ of us each and every game. Players, cheerleaders, admin. Everyone sincerely means it when they say that we are the 13th man. That is why I renewed my seats for next year, that's why I go to every game.
Great win against the Riders, the energy was incredible at the game! So many milestones reached! The Halloween theme was so much fun, from the costumes, kids and contests, to the halftime show. Another fantastic routine by our cheerleaders! Those girls are the best I have ever seen at a pro sporting event. Not only are they all beautiful, they can dance too! Those were great costumes for the Thriller show, good job!
Can't not write about how Pigskin Pete works the crowd with such intense passion. Love for the team radiates from that man! He is great!
Thank you Hamilton for an amazing season. See you at the play-offs, then maybe even the Grey Cup :slight_smile:

Cheers!! Today was a great game day experience from start to finish

I agree, the cats have done a great job on getting the fans back and doing a super job developing a class team.
Bob Young and his staff can hold their heads hi, they have done an awesome job.
The Grey Cup is within reach guys, just believe every minute your out there playing.
Doc 8)

Win or not i'm always proud to be a Ticat fan .Just now im back in the stadium and proud ..So someones done something right . :rockin:
We are not the Cat's of the past ... Some Good things have transpired this season already but Some Great things are not far away...Keep Fighting Cat's ..
Go Cat's Go

Who would have thought a year ago, that the Cats would be in position to be hosting the eastern semi final. I`m a proud fan!! :rockin:

here,here its just taken 5 years ,numerous coaches and a revolving door of players to finally find our way and also a QB Named Kevin Glenn :rockin: :thup:

Guys check out how proud Marcel is of the team as he addresses them post game in the locker room after the game its toward the end of the highlights of the game video on TSN............ :thup: