Proud son of Winnipeg: Oliveira named Most Outstanding Canadian

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Here’s a totally unbiaed (no ulterior motives) take on Brady’s supreme skills as a running back, with and independent of the o-line.

Stop the run

It’s no secret that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers offence runs through the legs of Brady Oliveira. The Winnipeg-born tailback, who was awarded the Most Outstanding Canadian award at Thursday night’s CFL Awards, had a sensational season, racking up over 2,000 yards from scrimmage.

He can burst with speed through gaps with the help of his offensive line but what really makes him dangerous is his strength running down hill. Watch any highlight of the 26-year-old and more often than not he’s carrying defenders on his back to get extra yardage.

Oliveria ran for 120 and 119 yards in the two games against Winnipeg this year and the tailback went for 109 and a touchdown last week in the Western Final. It’ll be up to the front of Montreal’s defence, including middle linebacker Darnell Sankey, who hasn’t played the Bombers yet this season since joining the team, to slow him down on Sunday.

Start fast? Stop the run? Avoid turnovers? I mean, sure, but that could have been written by any fan. Not much insight in that article IMO. At this point it’s pretty clear that Oliveira is a special running back who is very difficult to stop.

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Yes she knows what she is talking about…
Real reliable souse we got here

Since you brought it up, can you provide one “real reliable” source that would say otherwise? Not including yourslef, of course. Just one that would back up your OPINON that Brady’s success is all because of the o-line. You must have a lot of sources you can quote. Should be easy, unless no one else thinks so. In fact, I could pile on the many articles from many difeereent sources that have covered Brady’s exploits, but I’m afraid you’ll dismiss those sources as well.

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Not only do the Bombers name their line after Brady O… every dam team in North American football call it the “O” line, that’s a load of respect for young Brady “O” to live up to.


Lol! Good one!

You would need to show me where I said exactly that. And what do sourses have to do with anything

And. Just for kicks. Read what i quoted

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That’s what I thought

Any point of view we have on Oliveira or any other player is an opinion. Pro or con and all points in between. You might think it’s all him. You might think it’s as much his O-line as him. Nobody needs to provide sources either way. This is a fan site. Not a court of law or a published story.


I am surprised no one else caught this

From the expert unbiased article

He ran for 120 and 119 yards against Montreal, not against Winnipeg…he plays for Winnipeg

Congrats Oliveira .

Yup, seen it, just another typo… happens often. No different then most people on this site.

This is not a typo
A typo is a typing error…hitting the wrong key or to some misspelling a word
This is incompetence from the writer and editor

Call it what you want…I don’t care.


Its not like we didn’t all see it. Most of us just shrugged and moved on.


Lets Go Brady O! Head & Shoulders the best Canadian this year!

Now go get something bigger! :clap:

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