Proud son of Winnipeg: Oliveira named Most Outstanding Canadian

Good point. And I surely agree about the BS flag.

‘Oliveira’ (at least get his name right) rescues dogs. Thousands of them. He doesn’t get paid for it… nor does he whine like so many spoiled athletes do these days (we need a thread on that). He’s just an Outstanding Canadian.

He don’t need ‘no stinking trophy’ to prove it either.

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I fail to see what that has to do with anything

It’s politics. Voters vote for who they wanna vote for. Brady’s CFL journey thus far has ‘feel good’ plastered all over it. I for one am glad he won (that last sentence was pretty darned clever).

I’m also glad that defensive lineman Garret Marino won the CFL’s Most Odious Player Award last season for his outstandingly awful body of work as an offensive… well he was just plain ‘offensive’. We hated him so much that we all voted twice.

I guess Pringle was just another RB, right? Didn’t deserve his MOP’s?

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As others have said, this is similar to the Andrew Harris snub a few years ago.
He showed everyone a few days later, let’s hope Brady O can do the same.

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Who was he up against?

Don’t remember, but not really the point.
Was Pringle just another RB, a product of the dominant Mont OLine? Did he deserve his MOPs?

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No its exactly the point!
How can I answer if I don’t know who he beat out or what that person’s stats were?

Answer the question, was Pringle just the product of the Oline?
I guess your schtick only works when it’s you doing it…

Who was he up against?
And what were his stats?

And I need Pringles stats as well

I guess I was right.
Pringle was often pretty average when he played WPG.

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Good to know

Of course he depends on others, it is, after all, a TEAM SPORT. Everyone depends on others to do their jobs so that they can do theirs. In that sense he is like every other football player. Brady is excellent at taking advantage of the opportunities his teammates give him.


Actually, quite the opposite.

This is because Winnipeg’s offensive line has gotten worse since Harris left. For example, they surrendered just 16 sacks in 14 games in 2021 (1.14 sacks/gm), which went up to 29 sacks in 18 games in 2022 (1.61 sacks/gm) and 33 sacks in 18 games (1.83 sacks/gm) this year. So Collaros has had far less time and space with which to make plays, due to his offensive linemen being less effective (this is also apparent in watching the game - he’s a slippery dude, and the amount of times where it looks like he’s going to take a sack, but manages to evade the defensive player have increased dramatically over the last couple of years…so he is feeling the heat a LOT more). And yet Oliveira has managed to improve considerably, despite the O-line’s gradual degeneration (they’re still good, but they used to be one of the best offensive lines in modern CFL history). Harris benefitted from his offensive line’s performance far more than Oliveira (who has, frankly, managed to exceed every Andrew Harris season in Winnipeg…this is not a small achievement).


.22 sacks more per game, which is negligible, can be blamed on a degrading o-line…or a degrading Collaros…and just as easily on the fact that Brady was targeted as a receiver 19 more times this year. That means 1 less helping with the pass protection

Anyone thinking you could pulg any RB behind WPGs line hasn’t been watching.

Brady did most of his damage after contact, gets stronger with more carries, and fuels the team. No other RB was close to him.

He deserves his praise, and anyone trying to take that away has alterior motives and sour grapes.


Interesting that he was educated at “Canada Prep Academy” in St Catherines. “Canada Prep Athletics | A Canadian program that plays a full U.S. football schedule, and offers academics & elite training year-round” is a private, all-boys preparatory school located in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. They play a full season of American football exclusively against US high schools.
Only 30 students

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And many people just don’t care!!!

Sure, they are the ones not clicking & posting in this thread.