Proud of Our Team

Got 3 guys on ignore now, never see their posts and wonder why others would to engage someone who does nothing but bait, and have nothing to offer but personal attacks for the sloe purpose of arguing and getting others upset

To think I heard someone on the after game say they should go after Masoli or Jake Maier.

Masoli isn't even in the same league as Cody. Maier lost to the Elk. No thanks

Some people just don’t want the riders to succeed, they go after Austin, Lancaster durant, Maybe they think it’s better for the cfl if we wallow in the basement, because, as rider fans, we will support the team, you really must just. Ignore. These posts, don’t give them the time of day.

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No, keep Cody by all means, maybe Maas can simplify his offence, there is no reason at all to make it so complicated that you can’t understand it, I’ll bet most guys wing it on half the plays in this league, you definitely need to upgrade the o-line. No one can q.b. With the defence in your face after 2 seconds every play. Yes the o-line played hard every game. Well if that’s the case then, maybe their just not good enough. They were for the most part 3rd and 4th line players, so that explains MOST OF IT. TO MANY INJURIES EARLY ON. Considering that , the riders did great. So did Cody.


Fajardo is a tunnel vision/ panic qb, he throws the ball blindly which is why he has such many int and hits the upright repeatedly. He panics and is forced to scramble which is why his rushing yards are so high. He's good but will never be championship good.
Dickenson is just terrible, sask doesn't have a single player in the top 10 defensive stats or the top 15 receiver stat (both sides of the ball), but they have TONS of talent in both departments. But they are 2nd in field goals and converts. Never going to win if you can't put the majors down.
The fact that the riders did as good as they did is credit to the rest of the team

Thanks. I needed a good laugh today.

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Ain’t gonna happen, grey cups in Saskatchewan next year. Cody’s the man. Go riders.

No way would I give this or last season a failing grade. Making it to 2 WFs in as many years is huge for a 2nd-year starting QB, not to mention a 2nd-year HC.
With a few tweaks – and some healthy bodies back – we’ll be at the big dance next year. Those tweaks definitely need to start with the o-line, but I’m not sure I’d mess with our receiving corps (assuming we could hang on the receivers we have). Like Cody, I think they’d benefit from another year in Maas’ offense.

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Yea they been better than the team from cowtown for the past two years and 7 of the last 8 play off games vs cowtown...cowtown lost

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Kyran Moore was a huge loss. Hopefully he's back. Williams Lambert hasn't really been very effective since his return from his NFL experiment. Not sure what I think of him returning. Also got a gut feeling he didn't really want to be here this year. would be happy if he is back at camp and chomping at the bit to prove himself. As for Evans, Was never a fan of his, granted he had the big year but also DROPPED keys balls that year that cost Riders a win in Calgary among them and then is out flexing his muscles proclaiming on National TV that he is the best in the league in the middle of these key drops. His effort this year did nothing to change my mind on that one. The Canadian core of receivers will only improve next year and are in good shape.

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Do we have a list of free agents?

It's a BIG one:

I heard Corey Chamblin is free, that would be a huge improvement

Quite a list.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Nick Marshall end up in Edmonton with Chris Jones, Lenius go to BC, Teitz to Calgary but we will see.

Also depends on Shivers. I could see a few guys on defense following him if he gets a head coaching gig elsewhere. Didn't sound like Lacey was coming back.

Do you not consider sacks a defensive stat?

Not according to the cfl site stat rankings....

Given the GC’s in Regina next year, and considering how close we’ve come to it the past 2 seasons, I wouldn’t be surprised to find the majority of our players in camp this spring.
As for Jason Shivers, do you really feel he’s HC material at this point? Selfishly I hope he stays put… Another GC ring would certainly bolster his resume.

According to that site, AC Leonard finished #1 in sacks with 11, and Jonathan Woodard was #2 with 10.

So, yeah I guess the Riders didn't have a single player in the top 10 for sacks, they had two players in the top ten

Both AC Leonard and Woodard had better stats than both Jeffcoat and Jefferson in just about every department. That's how you know the process was rigged

Then why did they lose to them?