Proud of Our Team

We had as many as 19 players on the 6 game injured list. Just one returning offensive linemen. All new linebackers. Recievers dropping like flies.

And still came within an overthrow/missed FG of going to the Grey Cup against a "dominant" football team.

This team showed alot of grit. Unfortunately just wasn't in the cards


…I thought the riders played really well, and showed a lot of grit in an unfriendly environment…and came close like you said to upsetting the odds favourite…

…5 turnovers should’ve resulted in more points on the board, but with the lousy conditions and a solid Winnipeg D it wasn’t meant to be..

If the Riders get Duke Williams back for the whole 2022 season, they'll be competing for first in the West.

Kudos to the whole team. With all the injuries we endured they did great!! Rest and recover and prepare for the '22 season. Look forward to hosting the Grey Cup Just as we did in '13.

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Home Grey Cup. I think the riders will be going all out this season to win it all.

If they want to be contenders, they will have to get rid of Dickenson and Fajardo.

Stop renting your starting players out as crash test dummies. That's what the practice roster guys are for.

But seriously... the Riders had so many bodies in the infirmary this season. They did well to get to the final. I think if they'd gotten past us they'd have had a pretty good shot at taking the Cup this year EVEN WITH ALL THOSE PIECES MISSING.

Why? Best win % through the first two seasons in franchise history.

Cody is the real deal as is Craig Dickenson

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Definitely, if they need to get rid of anybody , it would be Maas , he seems to have caused more problems than he’s worth, Bring in lapolice if he gets let go, or try get Ricky Ray. They need to build around fajardo, and they will be just fine, they should be able to shore up the o-line for next year, so I just see them getting stronger. Don’t listen to the nay sayers. They simply don’t want the riders to succeed, they are likely supporters of another team.

They tried running Lancaster, Durant, and Austin out of town too.

So Cody breaks down in a press conference. The guy needs to get out of his own head. Fans, probably overweight and couldn't run 10 yards, will chirp. Still doesn't change the fact he's the best QB we've had here in awhile.


Yes you said it, turn social crap off, the majority of fans are behind Cody.

Have you have been gainfully employed as a coach or general manager or a scout in pro sports...oh really you are not? I wonder why

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Really, why would they get rid of the coach who has the most wins in his first 2 seasons as rider coach in the history of the franchise, these guys just plain and simply don;t want the riders to succeed, that’s a laugh. I say give dicky a 5 year contract to make sure he’s around long term.

And maybe they could bring in durant to coach fajardo, I can see that as a positive also. ?

As much as i liked DD as a player, if he was at all coaching material he would have had job doing that somewhere already. he seems happy doing what he is doing now?

Have you? You only see the color green, open your eyes.

Turfing Maas would be a bad idea imo. Part of Cody’s problem this season was learning Maas’ offense, which he admitted was challenging. If he had to learn a third offense coming into his third year as a starter, I think it’d likely hurt his development.
I’m not really a fan of Maas’ offense, but I think Cody will improve in it next season.

If the riders had a better O line and about 1 or 2 top tier receivers everyone would be saying what a genius Maas was this season. If you only look at the results and do not understand some of nuances it is easy to point the finger in the wrong direction. How can ANYONE say the rider season was a failing grade... The last two years of play and the win loss record does not give any validity to any naysayers ... Is there room for improvement yes there is but tdo the past two seasons bear out the firing of Maas and then to go looking for a new QB NO WAY ...ABSOLUTELY NOT...
THST THINKING Is just wrong on all levels

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Can you please give us substantiated reasons why you would get rid of Dickenson and Fjardo, and who you would replace them with.

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