Proud of my team!

Props to all the players and coaches for a STATEMENT made!

The Cats have a lot of work to do to build upon this effort. Calgary will be a stern test.

My hope is that the offensive strategy used by Gibson tonight will be accentuated and permutated over the next few weeks, We need to continue the increased use of crossing patterns and the employment of Cobb and Thigpen as downfield receiving threats. it was delightful to see this team put the Als D in CHASE MODE for most of the night!

Props to Marcel, Gibson, Marshall and the entire crew for a championship-level performance!

Oski Wee Wee,


I expected the Ticats to win this one. But I also expected to hear about this game being meaningless for the Als, and how they were missing three good players.

But considering how the Ticats won by 37 points, those who would have made comments like those must now find it hard to criticize this team.

I unfortunately missed the first half of this game, so there is not as much that I can say about it. But it was a well-coached game where it was good to see Cobb and Thigpen used correctly. Thiggy has impressed me with his speed and elusiveness, making me continue to wonder how the Riders let him go. And wasn't it good to see how well the offence could do without AB3? And to see Bauman show how good he can be? And Baggs continues his at least one big play per game streak.

Once again, when was the last time our D gave up a TD? How many quarters ago was that?

As was pointed out in the game thread, we outscored our opponents 70-6 in these last two games.

I don't have much else to say, maybe someone who has seen the entire game could expand on what has been said here.

I knew they would win too.

The D played awesome. Stevie 'Shakespeare' Baggs should be a lock for D MVP of the week once again. Markeith 'The Stripper' Knowlton now has at least 4 forced fumbles on the season. (He had 3 going into the game and made an amazing takeaway from a bird receiver tonight that was so good it should have been illegal). He should be the CFL D MVP for the year.

Props to KG for tying the team record for most TD passes in a season. Watch out though that Danny Mac doesn't try and sabotage your arm to protect his name in the record book. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I thoroughly enjoyed the game and hope the team keeps the pedal to the metal from here on out.



And here is a quote from Angelo Mosca that I must repeat here.

"This reminds me of '67: these guys are getting hot at the right time."
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LMAO...almost...almost a perfect evening! (Family-rated answer) LOL

The offense is the piston jab that sets the table. THAT defence can be the hook the opponent never sees. It's coming together!

This was by far a better game offensively than we have seen for awhile.

I like the fact that they are getting Thigpen involved. He is much faster than Cobb, makes players miss, and can outrun defenders.

I didn't see how Bruce got hurt, but I hope he will not be out for long.

Kevin Glenn did a much better job of beating the blitz and scampering for yards when the pocket dissappeared. This was a problem in previous games.

What can you say about the defense. The DBs played much better. They may have got away with a bit of contact, but I see other teams doing the same thing all the time. At least they were close enough to touch the receivers on most plays, which in itself is an improvement.

Let's get on a roll ... and see where we end up.


x2 Very Proud tonight

What really impressed me tonight was that they administered this butt kicking without Arland Bruce. It showed that the Cats are not just a one-man show at WR. Bauman stepped up huge and Mann played great.

What can be said about the defense. All I'll say is... Stevie Baggs for Defensive Player of the Year! I kid, of course, but this guy can't be stopped.

Awesome, awesome game. Now let's go to McMahon and beat the Stamps. What will the haters say then?

70-6 in that last two games! Wow!

106-17 in the last three. Wow-er! :lol:

They'll say that the Stamps had nothing to play for. :wink:

I was thinking of that when people were talking about not allowing a touchdown in the last couple of games. The '67 team didn't allow a touchdown in their last six games that year, including the big one. Let's do them one better this year.

Wow! a couple of new players and this team looks like contenters. Really liked Stevie Baggs intensity, the guy looked like a lumber truck rumbling 80 yds for a touch down. Way to go Stevie!! He really got the fans and the rest of the team pumped for this game. This was a big, big win!!


If I was a Hamilton fan. I wouldn't get too confident(though I would be happy with the performance). I wouldn't put too much on this win because the Als have had their share of stinkers once they've clinched the Eastern division under Trestman:

Week 18: Als lose 24-23 at home to a bad Bombers team.
Week 19:Als get beat badly at Edmonton 37-14(Calvillo wasn't playing though)
Yet in the East Final they beat easily Edmonton 36-26(Edmonton scored late and it was never really close)

Week 16: Ticats almost beat the Als (Als win 41-38) at Molson Stadium, Ticats fans think their team is ready to compete with the Alouettes for the East Final.
Week 17:Bombers destroy the Alouettes 41-24 in Winnipeg.
Week 18:Alouettes get their revenge 48-13.
East Final:The Ticats, that were supposed to give the Als trouble don't even qualify for the East Final. The Lions who beat Hamilton get blown out in one of the most lopsided playoff game in a while.

So from the Als standpoint, I wouldn't feel to bad, they usually respond well to getting blown out(see Calgary this year or Winnipeg last year) and they will have to take Hamilton seriously if they play in the East final. This year they have been complacent and haven't played a full 60 minutes too often but they still have played at an elite level more often than other teams.

For Hamilton, they're obviously the best 2nd place team in the east in the last few years and they sent a message that they were going to be competitive for the East final. However, they should have sent that message in the previous 2 games against the Alouettes, when the East was in play.

Anyway, I hope the East final will be good for a change and Hamilton hasn't won anything in a while so them winning is good for the league.

This team is peaking at just the right the addition of Stevie Baggs to an already hungry defence.
Great win and a huge confidence booster.
Mike Gibson called a great game. He just kept the offence attacking Montreal.
I think we are ready for a very competitive playoff series and it looks to like me Montreal can finally be had.

I am extremely pleased and very impressed with how our team played, on both sides of the ball.

I thought no defence could ever match the 1967 one, but if Angelo Mosca says this one reminds him of that, that's the ultimate compliment, and good enough for me. Could Stevie Baggs be the Smokey Stover of 2010?

Chris Bauman having a breakout game pleased me more than anything. He was the focus of so much antagonism on this board and elsewhere. Emphasis on WAS. Congratulations, Chris.

Ten quarters without allowing a TD is awesome. An incredible number of turnovers won. Very strong receiving game and timely rushing. Fine leadership by Kevin. And let's remember to give credit where it's due: excellent coaching.

A few short weeks ago quite a few fans here were complaining that the team was mediocre, the season was a failure, they were very disenchanted. Before this game I said that I felt we were pretty good but not yet contenders with the likes of the Alouettes and Stampeders.

Man, was I ever wrong about that. This team has shown they are contenders. Nothing's guaranteed of course, but it couldn't come at a better time.

Man and the scary part for our opponents is our new found D


Great game by the whole team! Lets not forget we will need to win the East Semi before we can assume anything. The Blue boys are not going to roll over.