Proud of my Als!

What a ride for this team. After the horrible beginning of the season, with a head coach whose name I never want to hear again, through injuries - especially AC, Jamal, and Scott Flory (who always gets forgotten), to quarterback highs and lows, this team never stopped growing and fighting. I said it in July and will say it again: Chip Cox showed up every play in every game. The defense was inspired, and the offence grew with every game. Congratulations guys! You have nothing to feel defeated about. Congratulations to Jim Popp for putting this train back on the rails. My only hope now is that this team comes back strong and fierce next season. Let's also hope that Anthony Calvillo is given his well earned respect - no matter what his ultimate decision is going to be, and that fans get the chance to let him know how much he is appreciated for how much he has done for Montreal. I still wish to see him make 80,000 though.