proud cfl fans

Fellow Cfl fans we should all be proud at the end of he 2009 season. From hearing a year ago how the Nfl in Toronto was going to put us out of business and things were not looking good. Fast forward to 2009 in the year of the recession. Expansion of 5000 seats to Montreal, new stadium in Hamilton, talk of new stadiums in Winnipeg and Regina, Ottawa 2012. First ever regular season game in the Martimes coming up. Above all of that viewer ship of Cfl games at record levels. The grey cup game 6.1 million viewers. Keep up the good work fans the future is looking brighter and brighter every year now only if we could get the Toronto thing resolved.

Good post London! I'm confident things will eventually work out in Toronto and for the good but some negotiations of things going on there of which much is behind closed doors, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. My CFL includes the Argos in Toronto, or close enough to Toronto to be considered Toronto's team.

The CFL seems to be getting a lot more exposure outside of Canada, too.

I used to live in Bangkok, Thailand and I still maintain contact with a friend there. We email back and forth on an almost daily basis. I told him I was blue about the green loss and in his next email he told me he read about the game in the Bangkok Post. I don't remember any CFL coverage in the Post, one of two major English language newspapers in the country, in all my time living in Thailand.

I was pleasantly shocked to here the Post had CFL coverage.

Sounds like there is better coverage of the CFL in Thailand than there is in the U.S. :expressionless:

I just hope they don't do something foolish and mess things up while the CFL continues to rise.

I think Mark Cohon is a VERY smart guy and has proved that he has the CFL best interest at heart. He has done such an incredible job in growing the popularity of the Canadian Football League.