Proud Canadians Pounded by All Blacks

Last night in Hamilton, New Zealand I wittnessed a game of International Rugby that all Canadians should have seen. Although they eventually succumbed to an opponent that is of lengendary skill and status, Canada never took a back step. It was awesome. :rockin:

In a country that is a much about Rugby as Canada is Hockey, I had many many people come up to me and tell me to be very proud of the performance exibited on the night, despite the score. I remember that Rugby was proudly exibited at the CFL HoF in Hamilton as the forefather of the CFL game when I visited it years ago, well it deserves to be after last nights game. The Canadians in the crowd were cheered and respected as guests with much good natured and respectful jeering back and forth, the way it should be at an athletic competition. I just thought you would like to know about a little team that could.

A Proud Canadian :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I watched the game on the score until about 20 minutes to go. I just want to say that watching the Canadian team play out their gave me a sense of pride to be from the same country as them. They played their best and in the first half it looked like they would hold on to make it a close game but it looked like they just tackled themselves to the point where they could barely go on.

Congratulations Team Canada on a great effort against the worlds best.

I'm always proud of anyone who represents our country. They should hold their heads up high. Congrats to them.