Protesters Blocking Walkup Ticket Buyers

If you want to buy a ticket in person at Winnipeg Stadium you'll be confronted by protesters today. My friend went down to get one today at noon and couldn't get through the picket line. I bought him a ticket using Ticket Master but there's no printable ticket option available for this event. To get into the game using your online purchase you need to download the Ticket Master App for either iPhone or Android then log into your account from your phone. Your phone becomes your ticket.

Good luck fellow ticket purchasers! Stay safe! :grimacing:


What were they protesting?

I am wondering myself?

Who are the protesters.

By chance, were they a couple of Stamps fans protesting the loss to the Riders?


Vax protocols:

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I wish. It has to do with stadium protocols. Anyway, don't ruffle any feathers if you're confronted by pickets. Let's try to keep it a 'peaceful protest'.

Oh terrific. No need read any further.

Why bother? They are getting away it knowing full well we have a PMO to bail them out.

On the other hand, if everyone purchases their tickets online the protest won't matter so much. On gameday the police will have to show up to keep the peace or something bad might happen. Let's hope everything works out for the best.

Now only if we can keep the green hoard away with some sort of protest....


The green horde cannot be stopped...the fans anyway ... The on field green and white will have their hands full though


Based on their play last week, they need to at top of their game.

They showed flashes of great play... Will need that and more to even match what the Bombers will bring

Right on