Protest the NFL exhibition game in Toronto thursday

So, tonight’s protest was highly successful.

There were over 30 people, all were wearing CFL gear or anti-bills shirts. We had many flags including several huge ones.

Lots of media was there, CTV, 680 News, Toronto Star and an independent guy making a CFL documentary. We made CTV national news at 11:00.

Of course, security didn’t let us anywhere near the stadium and when we tried we were immediately surrounded by cops who made us leave. Rogers has seemingly bought the right to censor private citizens.

We were just outside the Budweiser tailgate party at first, then walked around the stadium chanting.

The response we got from people around was mixed. There were many “ARGOS!” chants, as well as “Oskee wee wee!”. Many Buffaloans were joining in with our “Keep the Bills in Buffalo” chant, one of several chants we sang enthusiastically throughout the evening. As well, many people in cars and trucks honked at us enthusiastically and waved in support. Of course, there were also many “Argos suck!” “CFL sucks!” “Go home” and “Go Toronto Bills chants.” Overall, I would estimate that 40% of the response from randoms was supporting us, which I would say is surprisingly good considering they had tickets for the NFL game.

Scalpers were also on our side, saying that this game was a nightmare for them and they make lots of money off Argos games. In fact, it was so bad that people were scalping $150 seats for $15 half an hour before game time.

Thank You very much to those who made our protest successful, and to those who didn’t, I hope to see you next time!!

I don't get the CBC's reporting the last two days. "There's about 50 protestors, and clearly they're in the minority", well no shit buddy. Take a look at ratings, and you'll see the NFL fans in Toronto, let alone Canada, are in the minority.

I would like to see the Argo's stay at Skydome, and the Bills go play at BMO field.

Also a challenge, with only one week of practice, a game between the Toronto Argonauts and the Buffalo Bills at Canadian rules (which by the way pre-date American rules, and predate the MLS for that guy who hates CFL cuz of BMO field, I don't want them there either but CFL unlike the MLS is the ECHL of Soccer, while the CFL is a completely different league which leads me to the following.) and lets see how much better they are then a half Canadian team, with a 20 second clock lined up 1 yard a part, longer field, wider field, 3 downs. If its even remotely close, considering the down-turn in salary it proves that had we supported the league more, espescially in the bigger markets like Montreal and BC, and Toronto over the years we'd definitely would have won.

It would also prove how different our rules are. Sure the NFL is the biggest sport in North America, but how many Canadians are proud of America, i mean really. They have nothing else, the only game that was made there thats a major sport in the US is Baseball and its full of steroids, and they have 300 million people versus our 30 million, the TV contracts alone allow them to kill our broadcasts and kill our revenues, it doesn't make them better. Its two different leagues. The NBA got ahead of the NHL on TV because all u need is a ball that bounces to play it, and its made by Canadians. NASCAR may have started there, but racing didn't as far as i know, i could be wrong. The NFL was a ripoff of Canadian rules, and they conformed them enough to make it different. There was a time when players would come and play in Canada, and for some reason people were so won over by the broadcasts, and media all over the CFL for poor coverage on CBC in the 80's.

John Candy, and Wayne Gretzky knew how important it was. The argo's can't go to BMO field either, its not big enough. Thats the one thing I do agree with that guy other than that he's way off. The CFL is not a joke of a league and a game would prove that.

I encourage people to join the Keep the NFL out of Canada group on Facebook, it has a pretty funny picture, I see it kind of like a joke, using an American against its own logo, like America using our own idea against us.

Those NFL fans in Toronto, i'd love to see their IQ levels, seriously. They know nothing of the history of the CFL, nor do they care. If it was up to them Toronto would become a part of New York State.

Toronto Argonauts vs Buffalo Bills, Canadian Rules. That or Saskatchewan Roughriders, or BC Lions. However high they figure Buffalo Bills are in favourite to win the Super Bowl should play the equal to win the Grey Cup (are you followin me) in the CFL. Canadian Rules Football, the original North American football rules, Canada rules. We don't need to bow to the Americans just because their players get paid more, it doesn't make them better at our game.

I have a book that talks about all the games between CFL and NFL. Just from my poor memory there have been about 6 games. These games where not sanctioned by either league but where arranged by the owners. Jack Kent Cook Redskins played the Argos on 2 occasions I believe. They played American Rules first half and/or CFL rules 2nd half. I do not remember all the teams, but like I said about 6 games. It basically was 50/50 the outcomes. Should I be challenged I will hunt for the book and give quotes from it.

BTW Toronto Sun said atleast 17,000 tickets given away. If they say 17,000 you can be sure its more like 20,000 plus. Just in my own small family My brother, sister and cousin all had different people offering them free tickets.

your full of **** just like the cfl!!! you two belong the toilet that is the CFL
Your league is the joke league. signing an old crappy has been to attract fans? the MLSE has the poorest attendance of any pro sports league in north america. The thing that pisses me off about toronto fc is that BMO field was built with tax payer money, yet they think they own it. Never mind, you are worthless and not even worth the time.

Hey noargosatbmo, you come across as a real jackass with your postings. If you aren’t a CFL supporter why don’t you get off the site. Most people on here don’t want to see the CFL die on account of wannabe Americans like yourself!

Actually, some in the TFC supporters groups are even worse than wannabe americans. According to Mike Toth, many of them put on fake british accents when they do their cheers at the game, and say things like "sh!te" and "wanker", and call it "football".

No no no, they're not even wannabe americans... they're wannabe EUROPEANS, but sadly enough, they weren't even brave enough to be wannabe europeans until an american league gave them permission to do so. I say this because they sure didn't act this way for past Canadian soccer leagues.

Bravo supporter groups... clap......... clap ......... clap........

Not only that the Vancouver Whitecaps, and Montreal Impact beat the Toronto FC twice combined, and Montreal won the whole thing winning the Nutrilite Canadian Championship. I still don't want Argo's at BMO, but clearly MLS is a push by somebody to try and make soccer popular in North America, the players are getting payed more yet Toronto in its supposed "superior PRO league" that CBC is all over, they can't even hardly beat the Whitecaps and Impact of the USL? And on top of that they can't even win the canadian championship against a nearly dead USL league where players get payed way less?

The Toronto FC is a joke, and further proving a league where players get payed more doesn't constitute a better league, espescially in this case where the rules are EXACTLY the same for the most part, and in the CFL vs NFL they're completely different on top of all of our teams having half Canadians on CFL teams.