Protest the NFL exhibition game in Toronto thursday

Folks, its time to step up to the plate and send a message!!!!

This is CFL country, and everyone needs to know it!!!

Myself, Chris Fischer and Sterling Halliday (the man behind the 'No to the Bills t-shirts') are organizing a protest of the NFL exhibition game on Thursday. Sterling is a dedicated CFL supporter, like myself, and has garnered media coverage on both sides of the border from media giants such as CBC, TSN, the National Post and local Buffalo TV station WKBW.

We will be meeting at 5:00 at Wellington and Spadina, in the parking lot next to the gas station. Its close proximity to the dome provides an ideal meeting place. After we meet, we will prepare for the protest, and go over some of the laws that must be followed. At 5:30 sharp, we will march to Blue Jays way, and likely linger on Blue Jays way, south of Front Street, to get maximum exposure from people walking to the stadium. As well, the Budweiser tailgate party is taking place on Front Street, so our there presence will certainly be felt.

We can supply you with a No to the Bills T-Shirt for the protest which must be returned after, or can be purchased for a special protest price of $15, with $5 going to Pinball's charity, the Youth Challenge Fund. Regardless of whether or not you plan on renting or purchasing a T-Shirt, it is essential that you bring a CFL Jersey, Flag, T-Shirt of any team of your choice. Our ideal objective is to have a mixture of people with CFL merchandise and Anti-Bills t-shirts. That will enable us to send the loudest message.

Please notify all your CFL loving friends so that we can have a great turnout for the protest. If you have any questions, here is some contact information.

Chris Fischer
Phone: 416 838 3372

Come on, you people! Let's show the country that the CFL is not weak! Let's show the world that we are not a nation of pushovers!

There's a game? In Toronto? On Thursday? Who knew?

Well I guess EVERYBODY knows now!

Why would anyone waste money on a snoozefest NFL pre-season game, especially at $100 a pop or more? A regular season game I can see, but not this waste of a trip down to the dome.

The protesters will not be attending the game itself.

Honestly, why can't we just enjoy both leagues...? :expressionless:

Because the NFL's presence in Canada is a threat to the CFL.

Enjoy on TV.

Oh, right, I forgot that if the NFL comes to Canada, then all of the Western teams are going to fold, because, you know, all of their fans are going to flock to the Toronto Bills... you know, kind of like they flock to the Toronto Maple Leafs... Oh, wait, nevermind.

The CFL will be fine. We're talking about 8 games over 5 years, 3 of which are pre-season games. I think the CFL can survive. Unless you think the league is so weak it'll fold when the back-ups for Buffalo and Pittsburgh come to town.

:roll: :roll:

Regardless, it is an opportunity to send a message and to rally CFL fans in Toronto. The league needs it in Toronto.

The CFL will be fine. This anti-NFL crap needs to stop.

its not anti NFL, it anti NFL-in-Canada. Huge difference.

And its need to continue and to grow.

It doesn't need to grow because it's pathetic. The CFL will survive. :roll:

I agree, all it does is show how insecure some CFL fans are.

If you dont want to attend then dont, I dont beleive you have the right to stop(for lack of a better word) others from attending,
If you want to protest the NFL then they have the right to protest the CFL

Don't think I will attend TIMH but good luck with this. Actually though, personally, I wouldn't do this. Just go the Argos game the next night and have fun, that's what I would do, actually might do in fact coming from Hamilton. I won't get anywhere near the RC when there is an NFL game on, I don't want to be around what is surely going to be a whole load of CFL haters. Crappy atmosphere for me.

Wow, Toronto must be so excited for the "NFL only counts fans" there, they are having a CELEBRATION, as CityTV calls it for the Bills in Toronto. Boy, they must be bored to have to call a game like this a 'celebration', what a friggin joke. Celebrate your own team for pete's sake, Argos, Jays, Leafs, Raptors, Rock, TFC whatever, but a celebration for a preseason football game that isn't even with a team in a league that you have a team in? What a joke as I say to call this as such. If they are trying to emulate a Grey Cup type atmosphere, or say a Memorial Cup atmosphere, Vanier Cup, events worthy of a celebration type atmosphere, it doesn't work, a total disconnection.

No Earl, it's more like "towing the company line." CityTV is now owned by Rogers, and since bringing the Bills to Toronto is Ted Rogers' "sports baby", it's not surprising he'd be using his own TV stations to hype the crap out of this farce. I won't be going to the Bills game, personally. Instead, I'll be watching the Hamilton/Winnipeg game on TSN. (Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the Argo game the next night due to a convention I'll be going to that weekend.)

And here comes Hedley everybody. ... (As Hedley makes their entrance on the stage)

"Hello Toronto, we are Hedley and are you ready for some football, real football, you NFL fans, not some crappy Canadian made product some joke league the CFL calls football". ...

Hey, who knows, pay the band some money and they'll say whatever. Not saying they'll do this or any band would. But you gotta wonder what Lind and company will offer any band to play at the CELEBRATION OF THE BILLS IN TORONTO. Weirder every minute I think of this.

people can protest if they want its a free country. i personally wouldn't but i'm glad someone will.

So, like, will you guys be outside the Rogers building with signs, screaming out cheers?

Not screaming. Just walking around with our CFL gear, soaking in the atmosphere while being seen.

I'll be throwing darts at my Ted Rogers dart board!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

They can protest all they want but all it will do is show the Americans and Canadian CFL hates how insecure they(the protesters) are.

And if you dont have more people outside protesting than you do inside watching the game…You are gonnna look silly