Protecting the QBs gone by the wayside?

Is it just me or are players allowed to hit the QBs a lot later than previous years? It doesn't matter if the QB has just thrown the ball in the pocket or has scrambled and slid feet first. Defensive players seem to be allowed to hit them after taking 2 strides after the ball has been thrown or hit the QB as they're sliding with out penalty.

Oh, inb4 you're just talking about Pierce. No, I'm talking about QBs on all of the teams.

i totally agree. saw three hits between the games that should have been called.

Then I saw Glenn get a love tap on the helmet...15 yards. :?

Was that the forearm hit to the head? I started losing interest in that game for some reason and can't remember exactly what play you're talking about.

Well, the rule does state that you can't hit a QB above the shoulders, not that you can't hit the QB hard above the shoulders.

You guys may be right about some calls having been missed but there have also been some calls where the hit on the QB was legal but still called a penalty.