Protecting Eskimos from Ottawa E-Draft

The Edmonton Eskimos, as well as all seven other CFL teams can only protect so many players as the new Ottawa franchise can select current roster players from all teams in an expansion draft. The E-draft (as i call it) date is not annouced yet.

E-Draft rules:

  • The new Ottawa franchise selects 3 players from every CFL team (1 import, 2 non imports).
    *If you dont know what that means, imports are American Born players. Non imports are Canadians.
  • The Ottawa franchise will get a total of 8 Imports & 16 Non Imports from the E-Draft.
  • Ottawa can only select NON protected CFL players.
    Teams can only protect 10 imports and 14 non imports.
  • Ottawa can select a MAX of 2 QB's in the E-Draft. 1 Kicker/Punter Max.
    Ottawa cannot take a QB & Kicker from the same team.
  • CFL teams can ONLY protect 1 QB.


Protected QB:

  • Matt Nichols

10 IMPORTS (not in any order):
#1- Hugh Charles
#2- Fred Stamps
#3- Cary Koch
#4- Weldon Brown
#5- Marcus Henry
#6- Damaso Munoz
#7- JC Sherrit
#8- Joe Burnett
#9- Marcus Howard
#10- Adarius Bowman

14 NON IMPORTS (not in any order):
#1- Jerome Messam
#2- Calvin McCarty
#3- Nate Coehoorn
#4- Shamawd Chambers
#5- Greg Wojt
#6- Scott Mitchell
#7- Ted Laurent
#8- Grant Shaw
#9- Matt O'Donnell
#10- Simeon Rottier
#11- Mike Miller
#12- Kyle Koch
#13- Don Oramsionwu
#14- Donovan Alexander

*Now of course this is as of right now. By the time the Ottawa E-Draft is scheduled to take place, some members of this list may be traded/released or in the NFL.

Who would you protect? Lets here your thoughts!

Here or hear?

Too condescending. Most all posters in here know that already. May as well tell us the sky is blue.

Anyway, on your lists. . . I'd be tempted to delete Adarius Bowman, and instead protect either Sewell, Chris Thompson, or TJ Hill.

Hear, you know what i mean. Its autocorrect at its best. lol

Ive actually had alot of people ask me what non imports and imports are. lol.

i wouldnt protect Hill or Thompson. Both are aging vets who would likely slip through the E-Draft anyways. As for Sewell. Read my next post on here.

MadJack makes a good point :thup: about DT Almondo Sewell. He may make the list, and i wouldnt be surprised if thats for Marcus Henry in that case. Although Edmonton does have good non import DT's if Sewell is taken in the E-Draft.

I understand your take on Hill and Thompson. . . and I'd probably concur if we were thinking of the draft happening for 2014. . . but the way you posed the question I was taking it as if the draft were being held now. . . so I would consider protecting them. . . I do think there's still gas in those tanks. . . by 2014, probably not. I really liked Edmonton's linebacking this season, with Hill and Munoz flanking Sherritt, and Kent coming in on second and long in a 3/4 alignment. As an aside, I think Mark Nelson will get a head coaching opportunity in this league some day. . .

Mark Nelson is a good coach, but i just dont seem him Head Coach material. Thats my opinion though. His defence is really good. I think any DC would look good with Sheritt, Brown, Howard, Sewell, etc etc.

In the E-Draft, you sorta have to protect a bit of now and future. I dont see Thompson even being here (Edmonton) in 2013 so thats why i wouldnt protect him. And Hill could be replaced by Klint Kent or Simoni Lawerence if he was picked up in the E-Draft. Or another free agent CFL vet Linebacker. There are alot of them.

Coming in on the Ottawa's side, i wouldnt take any aging vet. You need to pick guys who will still have an impact in your opinion within the next 3-4 years. Neither Hill or Thompson will be playing by then. Building Ottawa will take a few years. Lets hope Eric Tillman gets the job in Ottawa! Then someone will want Steven Jyles!!!! LOL

And that's why we're all here. . . to express our opinions.

I'm not convinced he's head coaching material myself. . . but I do think he'll get an opportunity to prove it one way or the other. Recent history (Richie Hall, Rich Stubler, Greg Marshall, Gary Etcheverry) hasn't been kind to good defensive coordinators trying to become head coaches. But it won't surprise if, in a season or two, some team doesn't give him serious consideration.

I do agree with this list, although im sure you can switch out Mike Miller for someone else, along with Damaso Munoz for Rod Williams or another import like Sewell

No way would I leave Damaso Munoz exposed.

Actually, most posters probably don't know how the import/non-import rule works. There are a bunch of conditions that can determine whether or not in the CFL you are an import. A person who has never set foot in Canada may be considered a non-import if he has never played organized "gridiron" football in the US, recently the Aussie Rules kicker was declaired a non-import. You are considered a non-import if; "A player who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate of 7 years prior to turning 15 or if he’s a Canadian Citizen, was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of 5 years prior to turning 18."


Munoz is a frachise player. He is very underrated because of the 130 by sheritt. The guy would probably have 100+ too if he was at MLB. As for Sewell. i didnt protect him just because Edmonton has Laurent, Oramasionwu, etc for canadians. But you could easily replace Henry with Sewell.

Munoz can fly around the field, the one thing i dont like about him is he rarely drives back a ball carrier like Sherrit can do, so I disagree Munoz would ever get 100 tackles if Sherrit was gone, hes a decent linebacker who gets to the ball, but a linebacker needs to be able to make a one on one tackle and drive the runningback backwards instead of falling with him for an additional 2 yards. I loved Rod Davis for that reason, big hitter and wasnt bad with getting a few INT's. I dont remember Munoz ever getting a pick.