Protect our citizens from the CFL and undesireables

If you wish to voice your concerns about the constant import of criminals by CFL teams, you may, communicate your concerns electronicaly to

Minister of public safety


Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney

Only takes a few minutes

This is goofy enough to be a cflisthebest-led crusade. You're better off sticking with agitating the Bomber posters on their board.

shut up!

i'd never say or do anything this ridiculous!


Where were you when they let Lawrence phillips play ,Dexter Manley and a whole host of others . Your a joke.

Seems to me absolutely every team in the CFL has done something like this in the past. . . no team can claim to be lily white on this. . . they all want to win, and if someone with a checkered past they think will help them win, they'll sign the guy. Happened in the past, appears to be happening now, and doubtless will happen in the future.

Why is it the CFL is under question if legally these guys can play here? Don't companies hire people who are legally allowed to work in the country even if they have a record? Isn't it about legality or am I missing something? Ex computer hackers are hired by companies because guess what, they have the skills to know what hackers are doing.

this guy has issues.... real issues....

Well there you go. This thing is even crazier than I thought!

Good Times ! :smiley: