Prospects For 2009 CFL Draft

I would just like to get a discussion going on who we think the Cats should pick come draft time...

Here is a link to the Prospects page on

Who do you think we should select?

pick someone who wont want alot of money

Simeon Rottier, can start immediately at right tackle.

After Rottier, another lineman is all that we should expect from this year's CIS draft. Hopefully Barker is 100% and showing no ill effects from a year not playing. That will effectively give us two top draft picks on this year's squad.

This would be a smart draft

  1. Simeon Rottier-OL
  2. Etienne Legare-DL
  3. Tristan Black- LB
  4. Eric Lee- FB
  5. Bill Mcgrath-OL

After that, I don't really know.

I would like Rottier and Lee.

I think Toronto wants Lee however.
We do not seem to draft and develop Canadian defensive lineman very well.

Legare and Gagne from Laval on the DL.

I would have to agree with you. The top 3 in your draft are the 3 I want, but not necessarily in that order. This is how is see it.....Now that we have a Canadian left tackle (Gauthier), Im not sure that I wouldnt bump Legare into the #1 pick. I think it depends on need. If Obie is able to sign Guillory from Edmonton, then I think my first pick is Tristan BLACK. This guy is an absolute tank, 6'3 240 ish, fast and aggressive, I think he could be our starting middle linebacker for the next 10 years. Candadian MLB's with his attributes rarely come along, he is too good to let Toronto get a look at at #2. He is also from Mississauga, so the fact he is a local boy limits the chance of him bolting.

So I think we draft BLACK 1st overall, then take either Rottier or Legare with the 3rd (whichever is still there). I would hate for Toronto to get BLACK, I really would.

I also wouldnt mind us drafting Thaine CARTER, Mike CORNELL, or Osi Ukwuoma.

Your right, but right tackle is a position of weakness for us, so Rottier would fill that need immediately. I think the Argos will take Jamall Lee 2nd overall, but don't they also have the 5th overall pick to from the Prefontaine trade? So we might be wise to snap Tristan Black up 3rd overall. Osi Ukwuoma will probably be there at 9th, so we should pick him up there.

The Argos will be looking for a Canadian replacement for O'Shea so Black may be the one on their radar with the 2nd pick. It's a tough call but if we can get Black and Rottier with the 1st and 3rd picks we'll be doing really well.

Here are my first round picks...

1st Overall. OL - Simeon Rottier, 6'6" 286lbs. - Rottier would give us great Canadian depth on the O-line and would be learning from some of the leagues best(Gauthier, Hage, Gagne-Marcoux, Hudson) with learning from these guys and playing along side them he could turn out to be a great Canadian stud O-lineman.

3rd Overall. MLB - Tristan Black, 6'3" 243lbs. - Tristan could be a very good player in the CFL and may be a future answer to our Middle Linebacker spot. He has the size, strength, and speed to excel in the CFL. Would probably be a special teams player in his rookie year but with the right coaching he could be molded into a fine CFL linebacker.

Ok, so if they take Rottier, we grab Steenbergen if the tackle position is still a need. IMO, out d-line is a way bigger need than O-Line. Our pash rush was attocious last year. Again thou, I think Obie has something in the works to sign Brandon GUILLORY which will help our D-Line, if thats the case BLACK is the man.

Actually, the more I think about it, BLACK should be first overall. If he goes, there are no other MLB's even close to his talent level. On the Dl and Ol, there will still be options. I do think that TO will be looking for LB's, especially Canadian one's. SO I think we cant go wrong with BLACK.

Draft Rottier first and if he indeed comes in and takes the starting RT spot were are set on the oline for years with an all canadian o line. That allows to imports at skill positions to come in and start. Fielding an all Canadian o line is the best way to go about things.

The Argo's signed Shannon BOATMAN from Florida State, he's 6'8, 320 and 24yrs old, thats who Im gonna assume will be at RT when the year starts. I gotta believe the biggest need for the Argo's is at LB. With BLACK there, I dont think they let us get out hands back on him at the 3 spot.

Im going on the record now....

#1 - Tristan BLACK
#3 - Rottier or Legare

Does anyone know what ever happened to Bekasiak? We drafted him a year or two ago and I remember everyone being real excited and then he just kind of dropped off the radar. I know at one point we were trying to convert him from O-line to D-line (or maybe the other way around) but what ever happened to this kid?

I think it is safe to say it will be a toss up for the #1 pick between Rottier and Black...

I picked Rottier as the first overall pick because he will give us an all Canadian O-Line and that would be amazing to have...

On the other hand the more I think about Tristan Black becoming a member of the blue team makes me want him here even more! I do believe someone said before that if we grab Black and toronto picks Rottier we would still have Dylan Steenbergen to rely on, that might be the better way to go with Steenbergen having quicker feet than Rottier he might even adjust to the CFL's speed a lot quicker.

Not to mention Steenbergen is 3 years younger than Rottier, Dylan is only 21(22 in july) and has a good 10-12 years a head of him.

If we can get Black and either Rottier or Steenbergen that alone would make this years off-season a HUGE step forward in making this team better not only now but for years to come.

I agree.

:thup: :thup:

There seems to be quite a few decent OL picks in this draft, so Black does look to be a smarter #1 pick. If the blue team indeed selects Lee at #2 then Rottier would look great on our OLine.

Left Tackle is one we had to get and Got a Good one Threw FA..
RT is little Easier to play the left .
A good Draft pick or Trade could being us that .

We still Need WR help and DL Help

JP and Reid were both drafted with high expectations for solidifying the "D" line.
JP is such a great athlete and with his size the Cats thought he could make the transition to the offensive side of the ball. It seems at this point that he is not quite good enough on the offensive or defensive side to help either line.
I do not like the thought of picking another D-Lineman early.

Not sure that picking an LB in the draft would be the best fit.
With experienced Mariuz and Auggie, and young Kordic, Glavic and Matechuk as special teams aces and back-ups I see Canadian LB as well looked after.
We might not even be starting a Canadian at LB this year.
Some combination of Knowlton, Floyd, and Siskowic is what I expect starting the season.
However if we pick Black, a LB by comitee with a 3 headed combo of Black, Auggie, and Mariuz would work OK.