Prospective CFL Writers

:rockin: Greetings CFL Fans, :rockin:

I am Riccardo Distefano, writer for We are currently looking for passionate CFL fans who would love write about this great league! We write about a whole plethora of sports and we recently surpassed 1,000,000 unique views of the site. We are highly fan-oriented and a very excited to hear from you! :smiley:

Please direct any inquiries here in the forum or email

[i]Hey, this sounds perfect for Johnny!

Johnny could be a beat writer for the Hamilton Ticats. Johnny will write about them when they get beat! :smiley: [/i]

Welcome Riccardo.

Next week I will have published a post on the CFL as a guest on a North American sports and other blog

In 2014 I did a piece for them on the Grey Cup, and you can find it by searching CFL on the site.

The audience, and thus also the tone of my writing style, are the members of the blog who are predominantly Americans who know little or nothing about the CFL. The lack of knowledge is due either to lack of coverage in our media, or if they flipped channels for that mostly dreadful 2013 season, they are terribly misinformed.

Check my post there in a week, for which I will make an announcement in a new thread on this forum about the time or after it goes live, and perhaps we can go from there?