Pros and Cons to possibly signing K. Glenn

Should Glenn be released by Winnipeg shortly (as been rumored). Would it be a good decision for the Cats to pick him up? What is everybody's opinion on adding him to the qb depth on this team?

He;s cheap and xperienced, and has worked well with Gibson in the past. It would be a good move as insurance in case Porter goes down.

Not really any cons to this move... considering CP has been cut.

Obviously I'm asking this after hearing about the CP release...

I think we all agree that the Porter is the future of this team at the QB position.

Is it better for Porter to have a veteran behind him (like Glenn), or would he be more effective to not have to worry about a savvy veteran breathing down his neck for the starting job? Any thoughts?

If they are going to get Stegall to come out of retirement and sign also, fine. Other than that I would pass on him. He hasnt been consistant and hasnt had that many years under his belt.
What's wrong with a Williams and Porter combo with Danny Mac giving them guidance?
And we knew injury prone Lumsden would jump ship like his dad did years ago....all about $$$...good riddance. Couldnt stand seeing his dad at the stadium anyways. You would think the kid would want to try and earn ALL of the money he already

Someone high up on the cats brass are not very high on richie williams.Ithink he wouldbe a fine back up, well liked by his team and a help to porter and trafalis.I hope obie does not spend too much on glenn.We need a defensive line.

You sound like a 13 year old girl who has been dumped by her first boyfriend…get over it.

Jesse was clearly unwanted by Obie, who signed KK. Jesse took the best deal that he could find out there. If it would have been you wouldn’t you have done the same?

Getting back on track…Kevin Glenn was pretty brutal last year…Obie better stop taking the dregs of the league.


8) You're not too up to date on things regarding the TiCats, are you !!! :roll:
  Danny Mac is not even a member of the coaching  staff anymore.  We have a new QB coach by the name of Khari Jones  !!  Ever heard of him ??

 Danny Mac is now a scout for the Cats  !!!

if cp ends up on the blue team does that make kj available?

I highly doubt it. The blue team isn't very deep at QB whatsoever.

Yeah but the two of them would be expensive. I would bet on the Als getting him. Printers that is.

8) Money means nothing to the Argos, just like the salary cap !! If they want Casey bad enough, they will outbid every team to acquire his services !!!!
  I would imagine Casey would love to play in Toronto.  That is the centre of the universe, isn't it  !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Don't see why the blue team would want to create another QB controversy when they just got rid of one.

I don't think Kevin Glenn is very reliable and don't see how cutting CP and bringing in KG is a positive thing in any other aspect than the almighty $$

KJ is not available. He is kinda old and has decided to coach QBs in Hamilton instead. :wink:

If Kerry Joseph and MIcheal Bishop had a problem co-existing in Toronto, it will pale in comparison to the problems Joseph and Printers will have co-existing.