Pros and Cons of new site

Some of the pros I have came up with are you don’t always have to keep logging in every time you go off the site, and new features. Cons, too slow and at sometimes confussing. Any others?

I like the fact that you dont have to log on every time as well but the speed is just brutal. With the old site i would just click on refresh as see if there were any new posts, now it’s wait and wait and wait.

If you think it’s bad now…what’s gonna happen when the season starts and everyone wants to get on board. Hopefully they’ll have things running a little faster BEFORE KICKOFF TIME. :shock:

I like the layouts and information so far, but Add my name to those already complaining about speed…hope they fix it soon! I’ve maxed my text size using the view button, but I wish the lettering in the forums were bigger!

Overall…pretty good…just the few bugs (Speed) to work out.

OH SO SLOW. and highlighting text is odd.

decent site overall tho.


here’s my secret…open 2 or 3 browsing windows at once, and you can pos that many times faster